clean challenge

clean challenge: a spring detox for body & mind!

Spring has started and it is time to grow and bloom! Do you want more energy, a better condition, feel strong and fit or lose weight this spring?

With this clean challenge detox your body & mind and you will find your natural balance again!

This challenge starts on April 5 and ends on May 2, 2021.

During this challenge you design your clean routine that matches your daily routine and goals. You reset your body through unprocessed and light seasonal food. If you want to go the extra mile, you can combine the detox with a 3, 5 or 7 day juice cure from Sapje (discount for participants!).

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After registration we will contact you to schedule your first coaching so that you can start!

This is what you get:

  • Intake challenge: you discuss your goals for this challenge together with one of our coaches.
  • Online workouts: you have access to all our workouts for four weeks. You design your personal sports plan together with a coach!
  • Coaching: you get access to webinars about food & mind. You can also schedule a personal 15 minute coaching session to discuss your progress with a health coach.
  • Challenge updates: every week you will receive a newsletter with challenge inspiration and bonus recipes!
  • Juice detox discount: during this challenge you can participate in a juice detox to boost your challenge. You as a participant receive a special discount from us for the detox treatments of Sapje!

During this challenge you are not alone. We coach you through this process so that you feel light & bright in the spring!

"The challenges at bbb health boutique ensure that I can pay attention to my "bad habits" in a short time. In busy times, the first thing you don't do is to take care of yourself. While it is the most important thing to do! - Dainahara from city blog Explore Utrecht"

This is wat you're going to do: 

  • In the first week you design your clean daily routine with your workouts, daily menu and relaxing activities.
  • You will eat and live clean for two weeks: less junk food and distraction, more sports and rest.
  • Clean your mind: you provide moments of reflection or you make room for meditation and yoga.
  • You follow extra workouts, webinars and (group) coaching that match your goals.
  • Optional: Connect by signing up for group coaching on a fixed day of the week.
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