Variation in types of sports

What types of sports are there? You have sports with a focus on strength, condition, suppleness/flexibility or a mix. You also need recovery. Always provide a varied composition of workouts. For example, on the days that you don’t exercise, go outside for a walk / bike ride or opt for restorative or yin yoga.

Exercising every day helps to keep your immune system strong. But your body doesn’t have the same needs every day. Sometimes you need rest and recovery, while other days you feel like an intense cardio workout. Often it relates to your hormonal cyclus. That is why it is important to listen carefully to your body.

For the average athlete, the most important tip to exercise regularly is to set the bar low. Goals that are too high can lead to procrastination, giving up and self-rejection. Effortless exercise starts with feeling what you feel like and acting on it. Instead of forcing things, you build it up slowly, so that you often ‘automatically’ start exercising more and more intensively. Because it feels good.

Part of sports is just psychology. You don’t have to be ‘sporty’ to exercise a lot. You just have to do it. And that requires kindness. Acceptance about where you are and being content with that, so that you keep doing it with pleasure.

Not everyone is a top athlete and they don’t have to be. A fit body is possible for almost everyone with the right approach and focus on the process instead of the result. It doesn’t matter what kind of sports you choose. Just make sure to vary!

Variation in types of sports trx

Types of sports

Running, HIIT (an intense workout with a time interval), TRX (see image), yoga or Pilates are different types of sports. Almost anyone can do these sports, as long as you don’t set the bar too high. It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you do it. See what you can handle and where your needs lie per day.

Some days you feel like exercising intensively, other days you might prefer a quiet yin yoga. If you listen carefully to your body, you will feel what your body is asking for every day and you will find the right balance more easily. As a result, you will train more intensively. But that’s not the goal. The goal is to exercise and give your body what it needs. Many women like sports in heat, it is good for cleansing and wonderfully relaxing. In our hot cabin you can do different types of sports, such as yoga, Pilates or HIIT.


Tips for all kinds of sports

  • Keep in mind what you are doing it for: you want to feel (more) good. Give yourself a fit and beautiful body. It’s not always easy, but definitely achievable.
  • Don’t set the bar too high. Set realistic goals and be happy with where you are. Don’t go every day right away. Take small steps and go for sustainable results.
  • Choose a sports environment where you feel like going: where you like the atmosphere, the music and the people.
  • Choose a workout that you enjoy, that benefits your body and that you do not easily get injuries.
  • Go before/after work or link it to another activity. If you go through at once, you won’t have that difficult moment to get off the couch.
  • Think holistically. Connect with your body, become aware.
  • Be aware of your hormonal cycle and adjust your workout accordingly. During your period, opt for gentle workouts like yoga or go for a walk. Just before and during ovulation it is often nice to train a bit heavier, choose for cardio & strength training.

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