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We work with fine female specialists in our boutique. For if you still need something in your personal growth. 

Merel van den Bemd | women events | Amsterdam
Theresia Lugert | dietician & orthomolecular therapist| Amsterdam
Bodile Overdevest | orthomolecular & intestinal dietician | Amsterdam
Daphne Brakenhoff | transformational cupping | Amsterdam
Josefien Kleijweg | holitistic coach and nutritional scientist| Amsterdam
Remke Henry | energetic massage & acupressure therapy | Amsterdam
Rhodé Rentenaar | holistic coach | Utrecht
Merle Mentink | orthomolecular therapist | Utrecht

Women’s Events with Merel

In connection with yourself and your feminine energy

For women who want to invest in their personal development. With the help of meditations, reiki, women’s circles and cocoa, Merel helps you learn to listen to your own body, boost your self-confidence, observe your intuition and get to know yourself better. So that you can live an authentic life with more (feminine) energy, self-love, creativity and more relaxation in your body.

For the woman who knows there is more

For the woman who desires more depth in herself, in life and her relationships. Who is open to change and ready to pay more attention to themselves. Who wants to connect with like-minded people and who wants to take responsibility for her own life from loving attention. So that she can enjoy life and the world around her more.

This is what you get out!

The general denominator in all events is aimed at connecting with yourself and your feminine energy. So that you can experience the following:

  • You understand feminine energy better and learn to embrace it.
  • You dare to stand for who you are and what you want.
  • You will say YES to life again!
  • You better understand where your feelings come from and how to deal with them.
  • You experience more (self) confidence, love and support.

Merel van den Bemd

My mission is to connect women more with themselves by raising awareness in a loving way. I am there for the woman who no longer wants to be lived but wants to be at the helm of her own life. How can you choose yourself? How can you let go of expectations, all the ‘must’ and ‘how it should be’? So that you can trust yourself again because you are connected to yourself. Come experience it!

In Connection I Meditation Podcast

Meditations to connect with yourself, your body, your authenticity, your strength, love, the universe and so much more. Every meditation always creates a deepening connection with yourself. So that you can live a life with more self-love, self-confidence, energy, less negative thoughts and fear and therefore experience more moments of happiness. Every Sunday a new meditation. Enjoy it!


Website: www.merelvandenbemd.nl
Instagram: @merelvandenbemd
Spotify: In Connection I Meditation Podcast 
YouTube: Merel van den Bemd
Agenda: Upcoming events 

Dietitian & Orthomolecular Therapist | Theresia

Your Health Comes First

As a dietitian and orthomolecular therapist, I believe in promoting health and wellness from within. With my holistic approach and passion for nutrition, sports, and health, I offer personalized guidance towards a life full of vitality and balance.

Whether you’re seeking advice on sports nutrition, struggling with weight management, food allergies, digestive issues, or energy complaints, I am here to understand and support your unique needs.

My approach is not only scientifically based but also compassionate and personal. I believe in creating a safe and supportive environment where you feel heard and where your health comes first.

My specializations include:

  • Sports Nutrition
  • Weight Management
  • Diabetes
  • Histamine Intolerance
  • Supporting Vegetarian and Vegan Lifestyles

Contact me today for a free and non-binding introductory consultation to discover how we can work together towards a healthier and happier version of you.

More Information

You can find me on the following channels:

Let’s ask Bo

Feed your body instead of (only) filling

My mission is to make the world a bit healthier through preventive health care. The Netherlands describes health as ‘the absence of disease’. However, I think, both from bbb, health, you feel energetic, can enjoy your life and have the flexibility to get back into balance after a period of imbalance. Because imbalance is just as much a part of life as balance. No rain, no flowers.

Vague complaints

Everything revolves around energy in our body. When low-grade inflammation takes over, such as a “pain-here-pain-there” or vague complaints like fatigue and hormonal problems, energy seeps into the immune system to the detriment of your energy level throughout the day. Because the immune system always takes precedence. The immune system is equal to survival.

Energy tug-of-war

In a healthy situation, the brain and muscles mainly receive energy during the day and the immune system at night. Simply because both systems demand too much energy.
An example: flu is a typical case of the immune system attacking during the day. You are tired and brain activity is lousy. Fortunately, because otherwise the brain would beat our immune system. As a result, an enemy (bacteria, virus or other pathogen) wins and we are not going to survive.

In short, our wonderful immune system is a fantastic mechanism that has a good right to draw almost all energy to itself. But… If your body is constantly pulled out of balance by chronic stress, (too many) eating moments, (excessive) exercise, (too) little exercise, wrong nutrition and too little relaxation, the immune system must continuously come and take a look during the day to see if it is working properly. going well. As a result, the immune system wins the energy tussle with the brain. Which results in low (brain) energy. Think of a foggy brain, poor concentration, energy dips and mood swings.

If this takes too long, a chronic energy shortage can arise. Or a shortage of energy to make all other systems in our body run smoothly. Because stress*, whatever it is, always takes precedence. And to realize that stress response, other systems in our body are deprived. Such as developing sex hormones and reproduction or skin hair and nail growth.

* I’m talking about chronic stress here: such as financial worries, family problems, overtraining, being overworked or a continuous negative self-image. Or stress that doesn’t play every day, but slumbers under the surface. Not so much ‘healthy’ temporary tension as for giving an important presentation or cycling during rush hour in Amsterdam. This may just be there.
In short, it’s all about energy.

By feeding your body with nutrition that you need at a cellular level and being willing to adjust your lifestyle, you will go a long way! Because it’s actually not difficult at all, you just have to know which buttons to turn to get your body (again) into action or rest mode. I can help you with this. With a wide range of knowledge, practical tips, tasty recipes and a touch of humor, I can take you into the health jungle and create a diet that works and suits you.


  • Energy shortage or dips
  • Intestinal and digestive problems
  • Hormonal imbalances in women in menopause or around menstruation
  • Diabetes Mellitus (type 2)
  • Thyroid imbalance
  • (Unintentionally) overweight or underweight
  • Vegetarian or vegan lifestyle
  • Skin, hair and nail problems

‘Before you heal someone, ask her if he is willing to give up the things that made her sick’ – Hippocrates.

More information

You can find me on the following channels:
Website: www.bodileoverdevest.nl
Instagram: @foodstuff.bo
Spotify: bbb health boutique podcast
Cookbook: Pure – feeding instead of filling

Holistic Therapy | Daphne

Intuitive treatments on a holistic level and transformational Cupping

If you feel that your problems are not being solved, and you can’t get out of it with regular care, it could be because you’re not looking at the right place. By working mentally, emotionally and physically, we get to the core faster and we can solve the problems faster. You can feel better than you feel right now. You can get rid of your pain and heal your (mental, emotional and physical) wounds. You just need to know what to look at. Through a treatment or trajectory you come back into your own strength.

The five holistic levels

Holism comes from the Greek word Holos, which means ‘whole’. The human being is one whole, you have a physical body, your thoughts, your emotions, your mind and your soul. We call this within holism the five levels. Because I treat in a holistic way, when investigating the request for help I look at the total picture on the five holistic levels:

  • Physical (physical)
  • Energetic (energy)
  • Mental (thoughts and beliefs)
  • Spiritual (cause/karma)
  • Emotional (feelings)

How does a treatment work?

As a holistic therapist, I will look at you as a whole, because everything is inextricably linked. I look at the different factors and how they influence each other and adjust the treatment accordingly. Always with an eye for you and your individual needs and wishes. The treatment or trajectory therefore starts with an intake interview to find out what I can do for you. We will therefore discuss the various methods that I can use to really get to the core of your complaint.

Methods and Tools

There are various methods and tools that I will apply during the treatment. You can think of:

  • Intuitive coaching conversation
  • Innergy Waters
  • Reiki (master)
  • Emotional Freedom Technique
  • Systemic Work (Family Constellations)
  • Sedona Method
  • Meditation/ Visualization
  • Insight Cards/ Coaching Cards
  • Singing Bowls/Sound Journey/Koshi
  • Gemstones
  • Transformational Cupping®

Transformational Cupping®

Transformational cupping is a very nice, effective treatment that helps the body cleanse waste, adhesions and tensions. It ensures smooth muscles and connective tissue, good blood circulation and tighter skin. It also affects your mental balance, because emotionally the treatment can release a lot because everything is going better. So you literally and figuratively get better by being in your own skin.

How does cupping work?

Everything is set in motion, because cupping vacuums the skin and releases the blockages underneath. This happens not only superficially, but also deeper down. This allows the blood to flow freely again and there is room for oxygen-rich blood. Knots, waste products and adhesions are loosened, all waste products are removed and everything is circulated again and fed with oxygen-rich fresh blood.

The treatment can sometimes be quite sensitive or intense. This is often because the blockages have been in your body for a long time, so your body can resist releasing it. My motto is: Where there is resistance, there is growth. Of course I don’t do anything you’re not ready for. I think it is important that you feel safe with me and therefore provide a relaxed setting so that you can fully relax during the treatment.

You will often notice relief immediately after the treatment. It also continues to work after the treatment. You can therefore experience fatigue afterwards and it can feel sore. However, this differs per person. I recommend drinking enough water the day after, which helps to remove the waste. And listen to your body completely. It works on all holistic levels.

When can you contact me?

You can contact me with specific complaints or if you feel that holistic therapy or cupping can mean something to you. Not sure what yet? Then we discuss together what you need at that moment. For cupping I can also work completely intuitively and detect your blockages.


Website: www.holihealing.com
Instagram: @holi.healing
Email: Daphne@holihealing.com
Whatsapp: +316 23 28 05 79


Holistic coach & nutritional scientist | Josefien Kleijweg

With a background in nutritional sciences and as a former professional (youth) handball player, my iron discipline and perfectionism were often rewarded more than not. The harder I pushed, the harder I worked, and the better my performances became. Until years later when I embarked on a journey to become a holistic coach, I was compelled to consider multiple aspects of health (and happiness). For the first time, I started to ‘feel’ instead of ‘think.’ It was challenging because what does it mean to ‘feel’? I had never done that before. And it was confronting. By truly listening to my body and not pushing through, I realized that it might not be ‘normal’ to regularly experience a bloated stomach, frequent fatigue, concentration problems, occasional unexplained sadness, and having troubled skin and an irregular cycle.

Holistic Approach

My selective focus on counting calories and sports, and achieving measurable performances and goals, expanded. I increasingly realized that more seemed to be needed to feel vital and happy. Health includes not only a physical element but also ’emotional, mental, and spiritual elements.’ Do you suffer from skin issues, digestive problems, fatigue, difficulty losing weight, mood swings, pessimism, heaviness, concentration or memory problems, struggle with focus, or often feel ’empty’ or restless? By using the complaint as valuable information, this can provide insight into the true underlying needs and desires. As a holistic coach and nutritional scientist, I want to guide you through this process, looking at you as a whole. By going back to the core of your complaint, it can be healed in a sustainable way. Conscious (lifestyle) choices will be used as medicine. This may include practices like breathing exercises, a movement plan, mindfulness, sleep optimization, and/or nutritional advice. My approach always begins with a comprehensive interview. In addition to guidance, lab tests may provide additional insights. During the first consultation, we can decide which tests may be beneficial in your personal situation.

Some of the tests I frequently use include

  • Allergy or intolerance testing
  • Mineral and vitamin testing
  • Omega 3 testing
  • Stool analysis
  • Stress and relaxation tests based on coherence and breathing

Together, we investigate the root cause behind your complaint(s) to determine the path forward. With practical tools, a dose of patience, and trust, not only will symptoms disappear, but you will gain control over your own health in the long term!

“Life is not something you can make, but it is something you can steer” – Dr. Richard de Leth

heæl health & advice
Website: www.heael.nl
Instagram: @heael_josefienannabel
Email: info@heael.nl
Tel: +31 611287452

If you have questions, want more information, or would like to have an initial discussion, feel free to reach out! I’m always available, and I’m happy to make time for you. Send me a message.

Remke is therapeut bij bbb health boutique Amsterdam.

Remke Henry | Energetic massage & acupressure therapy | Amsterdam

About R.E.M. & Acupressure Therapy R.E.M. stands for Revitalizing Energetic Massage. This is a way to literally breathe new life into the body, bringing it into deep relaxation and letting go of everything.

Whereas firm massage stimulates circulation and muscles to help flush out toxins, energetic massage utilizes specific and gentle touches. Using ancient pressure points and various massage techniques to:

  • Activate your self-healing ability
  • Release tension both physically and mentally/emotionally
  • Remove blockages in your body From a holistic perspective, this works preventively and promotes health. It helps you reconnect with your body instead of being trapped in your mind.

With Acupressure Therapy, you combine the principles of massage and acupuncture without the use of needles, applying pressure to specific points in the body to promote physical recovery. From the perspective of Traditional Chinese Medicine, these pressure points relate to the energy channels or “meridians” in our body. These meridians are linked to the organ system from which the energy flow in our body is regulated.


Why Physical complaints and/or musculoskeletal issues, pain, or injuries can lead to blockages in the body. By pressing or massaging acupuncture points, the body’s energy or life force, also known as “Qi” or “Chi,” can flow freely through the meridians again. This helps to remove stagnation in the body and restore balance.

If you have been experiencing complaints for a while, I can develop a specific treatment plan based on the Eastern Five Elements theory. The starting point here is that everything in the body is in motion and mutually influences each other. An extensive anamnesis, pulse, and tongue diagnosis make the pattern of disharmony in your body visible. This makes it possible to treat both the cause and the symptom of complaints. With this approach, we can accurately identify and address your needs to promote your health and vitality.

Whether you want to give yourself or someone else an R.E.M. gift for relaxation or if you have long-term physical complaints and want to see if Acupressure Therapy is right for you, feel free to call, message, or email, and we will schedule an appointment.

Website: remmassage.my.canva.site
Email: remmassage@outlook.com
Instagram: @remkehenry
Phone: +31 6 191 824 93


Holistic coach & private yoga teacher | Rhodé

As a woman we can often juggle different roles – as mother, partner, career woman and caretaker, which can sometimes make us lose sight of ourselves. But you deserve to put yourself first and embrace yourself in your feminine power. That is why I combine 1:1 coaching with 1:1 yoga to support you in finding balance and harmony. So take a moment for yourself, think about what you really want and let me support you on your path of transformation. I look forward to working with you and helping you feel like a woman again and become (even) happier. Shall we embark on this journey together?

Why a holistic coach or choose me?

As a holistic coach, I look beyond just the mental plane. I believe that many complaints such as anxiety, stress, gloom and uncertainty arise from other levels, namely the emotional and energetic. That is why we will not only talk about this, but we will also feel through energetic and systemic methods. My vision is to let you get in touch with yourself again, in which you know and feel that you are good as you are. There will be resistance from limiting beliefs about yourself, namely based on your upbringing and experiences you have had. This has led you to live these beliefs, start protecting yourself and get out of touch with who you really are. I’d love to help you on your journey back to yourself.

Transformation trajectory (Coaching + yoga)

Choose a happy feeling in its entirety and give yourself priority again. This by working on your body, mind and emotions to ensure that you learn to trust your own feeling and body again and be completely yourself. (five coaching sessions + five yoga classes)

Change process (holistic coaching)

Achieving sustainable change through five in-depth sessions in which we tackle the core of your problem. We investigate the origin of your complaints that you will feel and process in order to let go of your pain and become (even) happier. (five coaching sessions)

Growth Path (1:1 yoga)

Discover stress management, improve your sleep cycle, the joy of movement, inner peace and growth in both mental and physical pain. All this based on your personal wishes and needs, listening to your body. (one hour per lesson, frequency in consultation)

Do you have any questions or are you not yet convinced whether we are a good fit? Schedule a free half hour session to find out! This can be done via the website.

Website: rholistisch.nl
Instagram: @ rhoderentenaar
Tel: +316 18094745

Orthomolecular therapist Merle Mentink | Flowsenz

For women who want to work on strong health with more energy, resilience and flow. I’m Merle and as an orthomolecular therapist I help you to restore balance in your body. Have you had complaints for a long time? Or do you want to work preventively on your health? We look at what your body needs to function optimally, we focus on your intestinal health and hormone balance because this forms the basis of your health.

Back to the core

A bloated stomach, irregular bowel movements, PMS, PCOS, hormonal migraine, irregular or painful menstruation, mood swings, skin complaints, allergies, fatigue, sleep problems or stress complaints? These are not just complaints that come with it. These complaints can be treated very well. The key to feeling good is to know how your body works and what your body needs. This is different for everyone. Together we will look for the core of your complaints in order to tackle the cause. By providing your body with the necessary building materials through healthy food, supplemented with supplementation, a personal lifestyle plan & guidance in multiple areas (physical, mental and social-emotional) we will ensure that you feel physically and mentally powerful again!


Start trajectory (8 weeks)
Do you want to start a healthier life and take good care of yourself? But don’t know where to start? In this process we will work together to see which diet, lifestyle and supplementation suits you. With this you lay the foundation for your health.

Health check trajectory (8 weeks)
Are you curious about your overall health? In this process you will gain insight into any shortages, taxes and disruptions through a blood test. Based on the results and your health goal, a personal plan is drawn up. Your Health check.

Hormone balance trajectory (10 weeks)
In this trajectory we will work to restore your hormone balance. Through a hormone saliva test you gain insight into your hormones. Based on the results and your health goal, a personal plan is made.

Gut health trajectory (12 weeks)
In this process we focus on your intestinal health and digestion. Through an intestinal microbiome stool test you gain insight into your intestinal health. Based on the results and your health goal, a personal plan is made to address your complaints.

Merle Mentink

Self-care is the basis of your health. My practice Flowsenz originated from this conviction.
As an Orthomolecular therapist I work from the self-healing capacity of the body. That when you take care of your body in the right way, you can reduce or remedy many complaints. My mission is to help women take good care of themselves so that they can experience how powerful their body and mind is when it works optimally!


Website: www.flowsenz.nl
Instagram: @flowsenz
Email: info@flowsenz.nl
Tel: +31 618539338