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How nice that you teach or are available to fill in at bbb health boutique! Here you will find all information regarding teaching lessons and invoicing for our studios in Utrecht and Amsterdam.

Timetable & replacement
When you come to teach with us, we will make a note of this in our timetable. In the unlikely event that you are unable to give a lesson, it is nice if you look for a replacement yourself as soon as possible. Preferably someone will replace the lesson that is already known at bbb health boutique. There are What’s app groups for both Amsterdam and Utrecht to quickly arrange a replacement.

Replacement found: you send an e-mail to Be as specific as possible in the e-mail about the lesson/dates/time and location and who will replace your lesson, including the e-mail address/telephone number of the person who is replacing you.
No replacement found yet, no urgency: if it really doesn’t work, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can help with the search. To do so, send an e-mail to Be as specific as possible in the email about the lesson/dates/time and location and also indicate who you have already approached for replacement / where you have asked around.
Urgent (eg sick) no replacement: call the emergency number of bbb 088-6440099 (also in the evening/weekend – but not before 07:00 in the morning or after 22:00 in the evening). You will then get a manager on the phone who will discuss the situation with you.

You send the invoice monthly in .pdf to, no later than the 3rd of the following month in connection with the administration (so for example no later than 3 November for the lessons given in October). Clearly write down on which day you taught which lesson and at which location. If you teach at multiple locations, please note the lessons per boutique. You do not have to make a separate invoice per boutique. When you invoice a lesson as a substitute, note this on the invoice. Payment is in accordance with the payment term on the invoice, at least 14 days. If you submit your invoice on October 11, for example, the amount will in principle be in your account before October 25. We stick to the invoice date, so there is no fixed payment day. When you have a new account number, state this clearly and on time in the e-mail.

Good to know
Do you want to teacht at bbb? Maybe subbing is a good start. There are What’s app groups for both Amsterdam and Utrecht to arrange a replacement. Let us know if you want to be added to this list by sending an email to

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