Frequently asked questions


During a trial lesson you can get acquainted with the hot cabin workouts and our holistic method. A standard trial class (personal workout) is tailor-made and adapted to your goals, wishes and level. Would you rather experience a nice hot cabin group class to music for core, legs and buttocks? Then book a bbb30. Both classes last 45 minutes and consist of an intake and a workout in the hot cabin.

With a trial lesson you can choose a bbb30 or personal. A standard trial lesson (personal workout) is tailor-made and adapted to your goals, wishes and level. Would you rather experience a nice hot cabin group class to music for core, legs and buttocks? Then book a bbb30. Both classes last 45 minutes and consist of an intake and a workout in the hot cabin.

Do you really want us to watch you personally? Or you want customized training? For example because you are pregnant, have an injury, want to build muscle mass or have other specific questions, wishes or needs? Then opt for a personal workout.

Do you really want to do a tough workout? Then choose the bbb30. This workout gives you everything you need in 30 minutes! On fun hits, the coaches motivate you to do intensive and muscle-strengthening exercises for legs, buttocks and abdomen. This is the favorite workout of many of our members, as you will be out of the cabin sweaty and satisfied within 30 minutes.

Read more about our workouts here. 

A trial lesson is free of charge with no obligation.

Trial lessons are given during opening hours.

If you have requested a trial lesson via the website, we will send you a confirmation email. Unfortunately, these sometimes arrive in your spam or junk mail. So please check that it hasn’t arrived there. Have you not received anything from us? Please send an email to with your requested date, time and boutique and we will plan one in for you.

Please bring sportswear: long pants, shirt and (grip)socks, a towel, a bottle of water and your agenda with you.

Rates and conditions

bbb has memberships that range from 75 euro onwards, depending on your wishes and possibilities. The price is determined by how often you train & the length of your membership. All memberships include personal training, exercising in the heated cabins, cardio, jogging, studio classes (yoga, Pilates and body shape) and individual classes, coaching, measuring, weighing, nutritional advice and workshops. You’ll find our prices here.

You can always upgrade your membership via an email to your boutique.

You can freeze your membership, without having to give a reason, for 2 months in a year. You can only freeze your membership for complete months. All you have to do is freeze it via our app under ‘my subscription’.

Would you like to freeze your membership for a longer period of time due to special reasons e.g pregnancy or having to work for a period outside of Holland, this is also possible. Send an email to your boutique.

Please be aware that if you freeze your membership during your contracted period, money will still be automatically debited from your account monthly.

At the end of your contracted period, you can continue to sport for the length of time that your membership was frozen without any money being debited from your account.

Yes, this is possible. In the case of moving you are able to unsubscribe before the minimum length of your contact has expired. We will need proof of moving. This is only possible when one of the bbb studios is not within a 20 km range of the new address.

Yes, this is possible. Lessons that haven’t been used can be used up within the same year. We don’t keep an exact count of all the classes you have used by bbb but we will let you know if you are coming too often for the membership that you have.

Be aware that you have to have a membership to catch up on lessons. You can not catch up with lessons after your membership has ended. When your membership is frozen, you can not catch up with your lessons.

You can do this by sending an email to our administration: (bbb health boutique Amsterdam en Utrecht), (bbb healthboutique Haarlem, health boutique Delft), health boutique Rotterdam), health boutique Den Haag), health boutique Tilburg) health boutique Den Bosch).

You will receive a reply within 48 hours and they will handle the rest of the administration for you.

Please note thar our cancellation period is 30 days.

Other questions

Did you email us, but didn’t get an answer? Please also check your spam. Unfortunately, sometimes our emails end up there.

For general questions you can email to:

Do you have an administrative question about your subscription or payment? You can mail to:

A workout at bbb is possible on all days of the week, during our opening hours. Like a regular gym. Then you can work out in the hot cabins (personal workout), use our cardio and plan a coaching. In addition, there is a timetable for the group lessons (in the cabins, studio or outside) that you can participate in! If you are a member, you can schedule via our planning tool.

You can find them easily in our webapp. If you click on it, you’ll see all our tools in alfabetical order.

The 3 b’s refer to our 3 pillars: nutrition, exercise and coaching.

Literally bbb states for inner beauty, body workouts, lifestyle balance. The 3 pillars are interwoven in all 3 b’s. As we believe that nutrition, exercise and coaching (lifestyle) are intertwined.

Boutique fitness can be recognised by the personal approach and it is smaller than a regular gym. Boutique is of boutique hotel. Boutique hotels are more intimate than a ‘ regular ‘ hotel and are characterized by their own personal style.

With bbb there is personal attention in a fine atmosphere. We believe that the term health boutique fits our concept the best. So we can distinguish ourselves from the various gyms.

bbb is suitable for women from every age group. The youngest bbb member is 15 and the oldest is 85 years old. The average age is between 25 and 55 years. It is important to know that every woman is welcome at bbb.

If you sign up for the waitinglist, you will receive an email when a reserve space becomes available. You can then definitively reserve this place in the web app. We have tested & looked at different systems and this system is used by most gyms and restaurants and experienced as pleasant.

A waitinglist spot is not a real spot until you have claimed it. All waiting will be automatically notified if a place becomes available and can reserve the place definitively in the web app. The spot is for whoever claims the spot first.

Go to and choose ‘reset password’.  Fill in your email address and request a password. You will receive your password via email. The email address you use to log in must be the same email address that is in our system at bbb.

As a member of bbb health boutique you can receive online coaching, you can follow our workouts in our webapp and join live Zooms after planning it in the webapp. Very nice if you are tied to your house due to circumstances.

A trial lesson is individual and can therefore be given in both English and Dutch. With group classes, it depends on the participants and teacher whether a lesson is in English or Dutch. The class can also be given bilingually.

On festive days, our coaches & teachers are off so they can spend time with their family and friends. This applies to: New Year’s Day, Easter Sunday, Easter Monday (open in the morning, closed in the evening), King’s Day, Ascension Day, Pentecost Sunday, Pentecost Monday (open in the morning, closed in the evening), Christmas Day, Boxing Day, and New Year’s Eve.

Online planning

The bbb health boutique app is a web app, so not via the App Store but via an url. In addition to the planning, the web app contains fine options, such as a digital food diary, insight into the results of the foundation questionnaire and delicious recipes.

Step 1
Request your password. 
Go to this web address to create your new password: and click on the ‘reset password’ button.

Step 2
Check your email.
After you have entered and sent your email address, you will receive an email and you can create your password via the link in this email. Didn’t get an email? Look in your spam.

Step 3
Log in with your login details (email address and password) on After this login, the app will be started and you can use the app.

Step 4
Icon on your home screen – app.
If you have successfully logged in, you can place the app as an icon on the home screen of your phone by clicking on ‘Add to home screen’. This function can be found on most phones under the square with the arrow up. If the bbb icon is on the home page, you can launch the app from there. The first time you have to log in. After that you stay logged in and it works like any other app.

The use of the app is self-explanatory, at least that is the intention. If it doesn’t quite work out or something doesn’t work properly, mail to, and we’ll help you.

Your membership has probably been temporarily stopped or ‘frozen’. In the period that your membership is frozen you cannot plan in online. You can, however, plan online for the period after this stop.

We want to be able to give everyone a place. Unfortunately this is not possible if people cancel or move their classes at the last minute or if people don’t show up. Therefore we have 4 rules concerning cancellation, shifting of appointments and ‘no shows’.

Cancellation and shifting can always be done online
Even a few minutes before your class/training starts. Maybe someone else can take your place.

The 4 hour cancellation rule
If you delete your appointment less than 4 hours beforehand, then your appointment is cancelled. You may move your appointment to another time slot on the same day.

The 2-2-2 rule
If you cancel twice (or more often) too late in the space of two weeks then for two weeks you cannot book in online. All your appointments will also be taken out of your planning. You are able to then book in via the telephone or in the studio. We will also call you or email you before we do this. Of course we understand that there are sometimes special circumstances.

Our planning is open for one week. So you can always schedule your work-outs, coaching and measurement always one week in advance.

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