Experience with bbb

What is the experience with bbb? There are many different experiences for sports in a hot cabin. After all, every member of bbb health boutique has a different goal. One wants to lose weight, the other wants to get fit again or just get rid of all that uncomfortable pain from your shoulder or your back. Curious what our members say about us? Read more below.

Experience with bbb

  • ‘bbb health boutique really changed my life! It gives me a perfect balance of finding peace, but also an intensive training in the hot cabin, where you are out again after 45 minutes. The short lessons ensure that I can always make time to exercise! In addition, I find the personal contact very special, I have never experienced that anywhere else. They know you by name and during your workout they give you personal advice! Really great work bbb!’ – Moon, sports at bbb Amstel
  • ‘Like entering a Spa! No testosterone fumes coming your way when entering this gym. It breathes feminine power! The hot cabin sessions are a great way to do a short and quick workout; at your own pace or during one of the hot cabin classes in which you are mega motivated by the coaches. Every week I do a coaching session, great to be able to spar and keep yourself on track. If you still think that the workouts have no effect; I had muscle pain after barre, piloxing and hot pilates classes that lasted three days! I can only say one thing and that is that I would recommend this to anyone! – Denise, sports at bbb Jordaan

  • ‘Super nice, finally a gym where I feel at home and safe! You receive tailor-made coaching and notice that the coaches are genuinely involved. In the past four months I have lost a total of 7 kilos. I just couldn’t have done this. I have been greatly supported in this by the coaches. I think the good thing is that the focus is not only on exercising in the hot cabin, but also on healthy food. I feel beautiful and very healthy again. In short, highly recommended!’ – Marjolein, sports at bbb Delft
  • ‘I’ve been working out at bbb health boutique since December and I’m still super excited. The gym is located in the heart of Den Bosch and is hip, fresh and well-kept. I’ve never been a fanatic sportsman, but I’ve been showing up there 4 to 5 times a week for months now, thanks to the expert, fun coaches and the variety of group lessons (cardio) and individual lessons (hot cabin). Furthermore, they work based on an appointment (by means of an app), so you really have a big stick behind the door. I have already lost almost 3 kg and that feels good. Sports there is just really fun and enjoyable! I recommend it to everyone!’ – Fabienne, sport at bbb Den Bosch
  • ‘I don’t like sports but from the moment I discovered bbb health boutique my life has changed. Lying down for half an hour and doing exercises in a warm cabin is the perfect way for people like me “the lazy exerciser”. You work hard for half an hour in the warm cabin and you start to notice the result. You will be guided by a professional group of ladies who will discuss every aspect of your life with you in order to achieve your goals.’ – Marcela, sports at bbb The Hague
  • ‘Very pleasant gym that I have been coming to with great pleasure for over a year. Lots of personal attention, great diversity of lessons, both in the cabin and on the floor. Which is why I now really enjoy sports. And it’s great that you can combine everything in 1 subscription, I do cabin classes for myself, Pilates and also yoga, Pilates and meditation in the room, so I don’t get bored easily and also a very nice physio in the house and now and then extra workshops, I’m a fan!’ – Femke, sport at bbb Haarlem

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  • ‘Forget working out in a musty gym! bbb health boutique is a ladies-only gym that could have come straight out of a magazine. The boutique offers challenging training programs and group lessons in the hotcabin. These are provided under the guidance of experienced trainers, who genuinely take the time for you and keep track of your progress. Every training feels like a personal training because of the small-scale lessons and the personal attention that is given. In addition, the boutique is attractively furnished and has neat and clean showers!’ – Ivana, sports at bbb Rotterdam
  • ‘Super nice place to exercise with fantastic personal guidance. Because of chronic heel spurs I could hardly exercise anymore. I ended up at bbb through someone else, where I can exercise while lying in the heat! Ideal! Yoga and Pilates also go well and are wonderful to do. Within two months my condition was back and as a bonus also even tighter in my skin. Two more months and I’ll be bikini-proof again!’ – Imre, sports at bbb Tilburg
  • ‘I’m a fan! After not being there for a year I am very happy to be back! As soon as you step inside you feel the good atmosphere there. The coaches are very accessible and give good advice. In addition to advice on exercise, you also receive advice on nutrition and adjusting your lifestyle. Complete package actually… Everything to ensure that you get back in shape. Your sport by appointment so that you really go and you can plan it very well. Twice a week I lie in the heat cabin and sometimes I take a yoga class or HIIT. The hot cabin is a party in itself, it makes you sweat hard but still have (almost) no muscle pain the next day. Because half an hour is enough, you will be home in no time. Or you linger with a nice cup of tea… and steps into the private shower cubicles where shower gel is ready… in short, a very nice place to exercise.’ – Annemieke, sports at bbb Utrecht

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