Ready for a healthier lifestyle? Discover our health boutique with gentle coaching.

Start your healthy journey

Your healthy journey starts with a trial. We listen to your story: where are you and where do you want to go. We look at your sport-level during a short training in the hot cabin and show what a holistic gym can do for you.

Discover your holistic tools

Whether you want to lose weight, become healthier, are pregnant, in the menopause or want to exercise in a nice environment, we coach you. We talk about the right body, food & mind tools and put together your personal health plan.

Build your routine

Step by step and at your own pace you will get started with your body, food & mind tools. You start with your personal workout and plan your coaching.Build the ultimate routine to fit your lifestyle.

Take your health to the next level

Boost your happiness, energy level and motivation. Our challenges take you out of your comfort zone. We provide tools that suit the season and the zeitgeist.
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