Vijf vrouwen en een baby staan samen na een workout bij bbb health boutique Amsterdam, een holitische sportschool voor vrouwen.

For who

Every woman is different and has her own needs. Find out what our holistic approach means for you.


You want to work at strength, fitness or shape.

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You want to stay healthy and lose weight in a sustainable way.
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Mom to be

You are pregnant and would like to stay healthy and fit during this period.

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You are just a mother and want to stay fit and healthy.

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You are in transition or preparing for this phase.

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You have injuries and/or health problems.

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Een vrouw is aan het sporten in een trx bij bbb health boutiqe Amsterdam, een sportschool met coaching voor vrouwen


Are you a woman who likes to go through life healthy, fit & beautiful? Would you like to learn more about holistic health? Then get to know our method.

‘I’ve tried another sport before: a personal trainer, Pilates, yoga. But each time I still gained a few kilos. Now I’ve been at the same weight for a long time and I’m comfortable in my own body.’- Toprak

30 minute workouts at bbb

With us you can choose to exercise individually in the hot cabin. This means that you follow a tailor-made program in the hot cabin. In addition to an individual sports plan, we also look at your diet and lifestyle. In this way we work very holistically on your healthy journey.
We also offer daily group lessons in the hot cabin. During a group lesson, a bbb coach gives the exercises to the accompaniment of music. The bbb30 is our members’ favorite class, here we focus on legs, butt and belly. We also have a hot HIIT, hot yoga, hot pilates and balance.

Get to know our working method by scheduling a hot cabin trial lesson at a boutique near you.

Een vrouw met overgewicht is aan het sporten in een warmtecabine bij bbb health boutique Amsterdam.


Do you want to work on your weight, feel more comfortable in your body or shape your body in a targeted manner? At bbb we choose to guide you in a holistic way.

‘I’m not the sporty type and normally I get bored of something quickly, but at bbb health boutique I don’t have this at all. There is a relaxed atmosphere that makes you immediately feel at ease and eager to come to the boutique. The coaches help you to get the best out of yourself by linking you to fun programs and intensive classes. They have great food tools for weight loss, in which they look closely at what fits within your lifestyle.’ – Kiki

Why is exercising in heat good for women?

Unique at bbb is that you exercise in a hot cabin. Our members find this a very pleasant experience. You have a cabin to yourself and this gives a nice and safe feeling.

  • A warm-up is unnecessary. You’ll be done in 30 minutes.
  • It has a cleansing effect. The heat makes you perspire quickly and get rid of waste.
  • Little to no risk of injury, because the exercises are performed lying in heat and under supervision.
  • It stimulates fat burning. Your body has to work harder in the heat, so you have faster results.
  • The heat and exercise improve blood flow.
  • Certainly not unimportant: we know from experience that many women find exercise lying in heat relaxing and very nice – a 30 minute workout!

Are you curious about our holistic approach and hot cabin workouts? You can get to know us for free by scheduling a trial lesson. During a trial lesson you can briefly experience training in heat and our professional and friendly approach.

Een zwangere vrouw is een workout aan het doen bij bbb health boutique.

Mama to be

bbb is a wonderful place to exercise during pregnancy. If you are pregnant or have just given birth, it is nice to be in a friendly environment with a lot of knowledge and personal attention around the pregnancy.

We work with exercise programs that can be performed up to approximately 34 weeks of pregnancy (or even longer if you are fit). The exercises of bbb mama are aimed, among other things, at strengthening the corset muscles and pelvic floor.

Expectant mothers are carefully supervised. The coaches ensure that your training program is in line with the phase of your pregnancy. The intensity of your training and the exercises are adjusted in each phase. This way your body is extra well prepared for childbirth and your condition remains at the right level. It also helps to get back in shape more easily afterwards.

At bbb we offer workouts and coaching for every stage of pregnancy!

  • Customized exercise programs.
    At bbb we work with customized exercise programs. This way you can train safely and challenging throughout your pregnancy.
  • Holistic.
    We are a holistic gym and that means that we coach you as a mommy to be in the field of body, food and mind. Because in addition to the workouts, we also offer food and lifestyle coaching!
  • Attention & personal guidance.
    At bbb we find it important that there is a lot of room for personal attention and guidance in a homely atmosphere.

Even if you have physical complaints such as pelvic instability or back problems, you can continue to train with us until the end of your pregnancy.

Een vrouw is aan het sporten met haar baby in een warmtecabine bij bbb health boutique jordaan.


If you want to exercise after childbirth, it is nice to be in a friendly environment with a lot of knowledge and personal attention. We offer a warm and professional environment in which women can enjoy relaxed sports activities after or before childbirth and receive advice about food & mind. With a belly or with baby!

For new moms, bbb is the place to exercise. The bbb mama program consists of hot cabin workouts, body, food & lifestyle coaching. Exercising in heat is good for your recovery and stimulates fat burning. Moreover, you can take your little one with you during ‘the bring your baby’ hours!

Why choose bbb?

  • You want to get back in shape after the birth.
  • You choose safe and effective training and working on your own goals.
  • You want to stay connected with other women and work together on health.
  • You like to be coached personally in the field of body, food & mind.
  • You would like to receive inspiring recipes, meditations and workouts from professional coaches.
  • bbb offers Pilates, yoga, TRX, power and HIIT workouts.
Een vrouw in de overgang lacht omdat ze net een workout heeft gedaan bij bbb health boutique, een holistische sportschool voor vrouwen.


When you get older or go through menopause, your body changes and your mind works differently. That is why we have developed special workouts, food & coaching tools at bbb health boutique. Extra attention to healthy nutrition, relaxation and training with extra weight is important in this phase.

Reducing menopausal symptoms for women

Do you regularly suffer from hot flashes, mood swings, insomnia and a bloated stomach? About 80% of menopausal women experience these complaints. Menopausal symptoms can affect your daily life.

  • During the transition your metabolism drops, to keep your energy up it is important to train intensively three to four times a week. Regular exercise helps against hot flashes, depression and sleeping problems.
  • At bbb we recommend choosing a program in the hot cabin twice a week and preferably aimed at strength to reduce menopausal complaints. Training with heavier weights can prevent weight gain.
  • Consciously dealing with food can reduce menopausal symptoms. We offer nutritional tools for both the peri- and post-menopause to reduce menopausal symptoms.

For women with physical complaints such as a hernia, instability complaints or joint pain, lying sports in heat is very suitable.

Een groep vrouwen is een workout aan het doen in de zaal om te revalideren bij bbb health boutique Amsterdam.


Physical complaints can strongly influence your mood, moving is painful and you are tired more often. The right diet, a healthy lifestyle and effective exercise help to improve your health and reduce complaints.

With which complaints you can contact us

  • Fatigue complaints
  • Hernia and back problems
  • Rheumatism, fibromyalgia or osteoarthritis
  • Long-Covid
  • Diastasis and pelvic floor complaints

To work on your recovery in a safe and holistic way, we offer

  • Tailor-made guidance.
    We put together a personal bbb workout purely on the rehabilitation of your body. If you have very specific physical complaints, our bbb physiotherapist can draw up a rehabilitative program.
  • Exercises in a hot cabin.
    Muscles and joints have better blood circulation and become extra flexible due to the heat, which makes it easier for complaints to disappear.
  • Holistic gym.
    We coach you as a woman in all areas to be the healthiest version of yourself: mind, body and food.

Do you want to know if moving in a hot cabin is something for you? You can get to know us for free by scheduling a trial lesson.

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