Your own bbb health boutique?

bbb is a concept that, since 2008, successfully plays to the growing interest in a healthier lifestyle: ‘real’ food, mindfulness and efficient training. Do you want your own bbb health boutique?

bbb offers licenses with a unique holistic approach for heat cabin studios. bbb offers a package of workouts, tools and automation for both existing studios and new entrepreneurs to do business in a professional and successful manner.

The founders of bbb healthboutique wrote their own book about lifestyle.

We want to grow. Together with enthousiastic and driven entrepeneurs who are willing to work in a transparent, stimulating and honest work place! We are looking for entrepeneurs with a passion for food and lifestyle who are driven towards guiding women towards a healthier lifestyle.

Warm and professional

bbb coaches women in a warm, professional and approachable manner guiding them towards a healthier lifestyle in which they are happier with their figure. Professional coaches help them to achieve personal goals. Also working at bbb are psychologists, physiotherapists, nutritionists, weight consultants, personal trainers and dietitians.

Group of women exercising together in the heat cabin at bbb health boutique.

Your own bbb health boutique?

Does the concept appeal to you? Do you want your own bbb health boutique? Or maybe you already have a studio with hot cabins and want to switch to our working method? Or maybe you are looking for another form of collaboration with bbb health boutique? Send an email to bbb founder Esther via We will then send you the brochure with more details, followed by – if there is mutual interest – a first (telephone) acquaintance.

A strong woman at bbb health boutique, the holistic women's gym with coaching.

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