Your lifestyle is important

How do you feel? How do you sleep? Do you exercise and/or exercise regularly? How is your eating pattern? How do you deal with stress? Maybe you just discovered a fun new workout, heard a podcast that gave you insight about yourself.

Or a (bbb-)coach inspired you to experiment to eat differently than you’re used to. The effects of your health behavior on how you feel are enormous. And the nice thing is: you can influence it yourself.

How is your lifestyle?

Your lifestyle is important. But what exactly is your lifestyle? The National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) states that by lifestyle we mean behavior for which a relationship with good health or with health problems has been established. Lifestyle factors such as relaxation (sleep and stress), exercise and diet play an important role in achieving sustainable behavioral change.

In other words – more simply – if you take good care of yourself, you feel better and you can handle more. Many (not all!) health problems are caused by behavior. Take a moment to think about your current lifestyle. Maybe grab a pen and paper and write it down. What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about your lifestyle? What is your health behavior? Do you really take responsibility? Or do you often let it slip? What are you doing? Or are you consciously working on it?

Founders Inge and Esther from bbb health boutique wrote a book about lifestyle.

At bbb we continuously try to inspire and motivate you to be aware of your health behavior. As founders of bbb health boutique, we found it very difficult that we couldn’t do that during the lockdowns. There was, however, a lot of time to think and reflect.

Corona has made it painfully clear to us once again how important lifestyle is. As founders of bbb health boutique, we have wanted to write down what we have been propagating about lifestyle for years. We just never felt the urgency, peace and space to do that. Due to the pandemic, our studios had to close. So that space was suddenly there. We wrote a piece every lockdown. Our book was not finished until the end of the third (and hopefully last!) lockdown.
The effects of your health behavior on how you feel are enormous. And the nice thing is: you can influence it yourself.

Lifestyle change

In essence, there are three things that we believe cannot be ignored:

  • Sustainable lifestyle change starts with looking inward. To know what resonates and therefore works for you, knowledge about and connection with yourself is essential.
  • Good coaching is indispensable in a change process. A coach can mirror, inspire, motivate and support you.
  • Lifestyle change is slow: step by step. It is trial & error, trial and error.

In our book we take you along with examples, exercises and recipes. We also tell about our own lifestyle. We try to give a clear explanation of what we believe is fundamentally important in the field of lifestyle. It does not offer ready-made solutions, but it does offer clarity and insight. And who knows, you might even take a step in your healthy journey.

Love, Esther en Inge

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