allow your brain some rest with a digi detox

Do you know what a digi-detox is? With the introduction of the smartphone we are always distracted. On average we check our phones about 80 times per day. These days we get bored less and less. How unhealthy is that?

How it affects your sleeping pattern

Various scientific research has proven that the use of digital devices, definitely just before sleeping, is bad for our health. You find it more difficult to fall asleep, it disturbs the sleep-awake rhythm and results in you waking up not feeling rested. Due to our continuous use of our smartphones, we are less alert and present throughout the day. We connect less with other people because the need is less.

Boredom is boring

It is our nature not to like to be bored. We are confronted with ourselves. Not having to think about yourself has never been easier. The telephone also continuously rewards you by giving you interesting facts and confirmation, in which the behaviour is positively conditioned. We are evolutionly programmed to have everything and to have it as soon as possible. On the other hand we also see a trend towards a bigger need for selfawareness and connection. Not without a reason.

Boredom leads to creativity so time for a digi-detox

Our brain is like a muscle, every now and then it needs relaxation to be able to continue to work. More rest ensures a higher level of resorcefulness but also ensures that we look for connection with others. This can also be explained from out our evolution, by engaging in something boring, the brain goes in search of optimisation. We ask ourselves is what we are doing handy, valuable and appropriate. Which is why in ‘doing nothing’ we often develop the best ideas and realise what is really important to us. If you are continuously distracted, life literally passes you by because you never stand still and consider your needs, wishes and dreams.

A digi-detox from your telephone?

Do you want to spend less time looking at your phone? Start with becoming more aware by registering your smart phone behavior. Use the function ‘screen time’ on your phone to get a detailled view. With screen time, you can access real-time reports about how much time you spend on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, and set limits for what you want to manage.

A digi-detox means: stop and consider what you are doing & what it costs

Consider in a mindful manner what happens just before you look at your telephone. Often you experience a slightly bored or uncomfortable feeling. See if you can stay with that feeling and postpone reaching for your phone. How does that feel? Does this postponement result in an emotional or physical sensation?

Consider the sensation in your body. Then consider what the use of your telephone costs. Does it result in a lower productivity? Less attention for the here and now? Are you more often tired or agitated? Note all the negative’s for yourself.

What do you hope to achieve from a digi-detox

What would you like to change? The total time or the amount? Maybe you would like to not use your phone before or after a particular time or limit your use of social media or certain apps? Use screen time on your phone to schedule downtime and to set daily limits for apps.

Celebrate the result of your digi-detox

To achieve a certain change in behaviour it is necessary to realise what it has to offer you. Do you feel more rest? Do you experience more creativity? Do you have more contact with your partner, friend or children? Are you more productive? Is it clearer to you what you actually need? Take a moment to realise the effects and allow it to sink in which will help you to continue with your new behaviour.