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About 10 years ago, I started following sports online. I had had an accident and temporarily couldn’t use one of my arms.

This made online exercising a good option for me because I was afraid someone might accidentally bump into my injured arm outside my home, which always caused a lot of pain. I actually had a sort of agoraphobia for a few weeks. So, online fitness was a great choice.

At that time, I didn’t have a child yet, and I could do online fitness or yoga classes every day, at any time of the day. This gave me the opportunity to try out many platforms offering online fitness, from yoga to online sports and dance classes, both paid and free.

Which online fitness activities suit you?

It’s always good to consider which sports activities match your body type or your goals. I have a fairly muscular build and tend to build muscle quickly. That’s why I always opt for a balance between cardio, stretching, and a bit of strength training. In the end, I chose to do Hiit training, yoga, and occasional running. I found this balance in online fitness through body coaching at bbb health boutique. There, you can work with a coach to determine your goals, such as shaping your legs or toning your abs, while also improving your overall fitness.

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Finding the right platform for online fitness can be a personal journey.

Here’s how I found my platform: It’s definitely a good idea to start with some free classes on platforms like YouTube. This way, you can figure out what you like and don’t like about online fitness. Once you’ve found your favorite online fitness instructor or instructor, you can usually access their paid classes.

In the end, I chose bbb health boutique for online (body) coaching and their convenient Zoom classes. At bbb, they also offer other online workouts like yoga, pilates, and various shaping classes, all of which are just 30 minutes long!

Are you curious about bbb health boutique’s 30-minute workouts and coaching? You can subscribe to their online program for €49 per month. For more information, you can sign up here or send a message to

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Daily practice

You can easily make online exercising your daily practice. You can often take the classes at a time that suits you. Sometimes they are also available live, but that’s not necessarily required if it doesn’t fit your schedule.

My partner and I do 10-30 minutes of yoga together in the morning, depending on our work schedule. Then I finish my day with a HIIT workout, a Zoom-class or a quick run while my daughter rides her bike.

You can discuss this kind of daily practice of online fitness with a bbb coach. It’s so nice to be able to discuss seemingly unrelated issues with someone. Plus, it’s motivating to stick to it.

This article was written by Marjet Wullink – a member of bbb health boutique since 2016.


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