bbb for new mama’s

If you are pregnant or have just given birth then it is nice to be in a friendly environment where there is a lot of personal attention and knowledge. It is also nice to be able to specifically work on your goals like staying healthy. bbb offers training for new mama’s in an environment that is warm and friendly in which women can exercise in a relaxed manner. With a tummy or a baby!

Our physiotherapists, coaches and nutrition experts have developed holistic foundations for the pregnancy period and after: bbb mama (to be) en bbb mama. It consists of special exercises performed especially for training for mama’s in warmth, and personal food and lifestyle coaching to keep you in balance. For more information see also the tool pregnant & breastfeeding.

Exercise for new mama’s

bbb works with exercise programmes that can be followed up until about 34 weeks of your pregnancy (or even longer if you are fit). The exercises in the bbb training for mama’s are aimed at strengthening the corset muscles and pelvic floor. bbb also offers (pregnancy) yoga and most classes can be followed if you are pregnant.

Mums-to-be are carefully guided. The coaches make sure that your programme is appropriate according to the phase you are in. The intensity of your training and the exercises are adjusted with every phase. In this way, your body is extra well prepared for birth and you stay fit. This also makes it easier to get back into shape after the birth. Do you have any physical complaints? Then you are welcome to visit our physiotherapists who can make a specific training for mama’s to help in your rehabilitation. If you would like we can measure you, weigh you and look at your nutrition. For medical question concerning nutrition, you can visit our dietitians. We offer everything under one roof!

bbb for new mama’s

After birth, it is often difficult to lose those extra kilo’s. Getting back to exercising and watching your nutrition as soon as possible after birth helps you to get back in shape quickly. bbb offers training for mama’s that can be followed in a responsible manner from 6 weeks after giving birth (or even earlier if you are fit). bbb mama consists of specific exercises practised in warmth and personal nutrition advice to help get you back to your old weight.

Woman exercises in a heat cabin at bbb health boutique with a baby.

Exercising with your baby

Right after giving birth it can be very difficult to find time to exercise. That’s why bbb has special hours for mother and child: bring your babyAn enjoyable atmosphere and the best thing about this training for mamas is that you can also meet new mothers!

Exercise before delivery

bbb works with exercise programs that can be performed up to approximately 34 weeks of pregnancy (or even longer). The exercises are aimed at strengthening the corset muscles and pelvic floor. bbb also offers yoga and most classes are open to pregnant women.

Expectant mothers are carefully supervised. The coaches ensure that your training program is in line with the phase of your pregnancy. The intensity of your training and the exercises are adjusted in each phase. This way your body is extra well prepared for childbirth and your condition remains at the right level. It also helps to get back in shape more easily after childbirth.

Woman exercises in a heat cabin at bbb health boutique with a baby.
Do you have physical complaints? Then you can visit our physiotherapists and you will receive a tailor-made rehabilitation program. If you like it, you will be measured, weighed and your diet will be looked at. For medical questions about nutrition, you can make an appointment with our dieticians. We offer everything together!

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