Plan body | be mindful

  • Choose for your personal workout in the hot cabin a strength programme or Pilates. | 2 or 3 times a week.
  • Use the strength zone after your workout, especially if you haven’t followed a strength programme in the cabin.
  • A Vinyasa yoga class is a good class in which to find balance. | Once a week.
  • Yin, meditation or restorative yoga. | Minimum once a week
  • Plan a bodycoaching in to discuss your personal sport plan.

Frequency of exercise and tips

Exercise 2 to 4 times a week. Train with focus and build up strength. Train mainly the large muscle groups, plan 48 hours of rest in between intensive trainings and ensure that you perform the exercises in a controlled manner. Prolonged and intensive use of cardio (more than 50 minutes) is not advised. Preferably avoid classes which increase the heart rate, such as hiit.


Plan food | be mindful

  • Basic nutrition | Nutrition plan for 3 weeks.
  • Strong and nutritious | Important if you want to build up muscle mass.
  • Plan a foodcoaching in and look at how nutritious your nutrition is.

Preferably not

Alcohol, refined sugars and coffee


Nutrition that helps to recover the energy balance in the body such as nuts, hemp seeds, cocoa (raw), vegetables and fruit.



Plan mind | be mindful

  • Mindful living | Try to perform your daily activities with awareness.
  • Meditation | Try to meditate daily.
  • Yoga nidra | Deep relaxation is good for you
  • Digi detox | Allow your brain some rest
  • Plan a lifestylecoaching in or an intake with a mindfulness coach.

Balance and rest

Ensure a balanced lifestyle and try to avoid stressful situations. Don’t plan your days too full and try to make sure that you have at least one hour of relaxation time. Sleep at least eight hours a night in a darkened bedroom and avoid screens 2 hours before going to sleep. Try to go to bed before 10:30 pm. Before going to sleep perform a 30 minute body scan or yoga nidra in bed

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