Will you come and taste the atmosphere at bbb Amsterdam?

What you can expect:

  • Work on your goals during effective 30-minute workouts, in the room or hot cabin, including personal coaching (nutrition, lifestyle, exercise).
  • Experience our cosy, small-scale fitness boutique. No hustle and bustle of a large gym, but a pleasant atmosphere for women of all ages.
  • The right workout for every phase of your life. There is a super varied range of classes such as HIIT, yoga, barre bbb30, TRX, (hot) pilates and personal work-outs.
  • We can tell you everything about our boutique and work-outs. Or come and experience it for yourself! During a trial lesson we will discuss your goals and you will participate in a lesson so that you know whether bbb suits you.

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‘I don’t just go workout anywhere, but I feel completely at home at bbb!’

Een vrouw doet liggend oefeningen in een warmtecabine bij bbb health boutique met studio's in Amsterdam en Utrecht.

'You already feel pamperd when you enter, the beautiful decoration, the changing rooms with private show cabin, the super nice and always who greet you by name, I love coming here! Really some me time and good for you too!'

bbb health boutique Amsterdam

  • bbb health boutique in Amsterdam is the gym for you as a woman. Our coaches work with you to achieve the healthiest version of yourself, so that you feel comfortable in your own skin.
  • Individual guidance in a homely atmosphere: at bbb health boutique Amsterdam we think it is important that every woman is personally guided. There is room for individual attention in a homely environment.
  • Hot cabin training: experience for yourself what it is like to follow a unique training in a hot cabin that heats up to 40 degrees. These workouts don’t take long, but are certainly effective: you’ll do your entire workout within half an hour. We also offer great workouts in the studio!
  • Feel good in your own body: in our boutique we pay attention to you as a woman. Together we ensure that you are comfortable in your own skin, you can work on your goals and we coach you on body, food & mind!

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