You are well balanced and that is super nice. You can fully focus on building better resistance to all factors that could throw you off balance. Or you can very specifically choose to improve, for example, your endurance, strength or flexibility.


plan body | selfcare

✦ A personal workout of your own choice in the hot cabin followed by cardio and/or strength exercises. | 2 or 3 times a week.
✦ Intensive cabin, studio or outdoor classes. Choose a class which you enjoy such as bbb30, balance,or (hot) hiit. | Once or twice a week.
✦ Calmer class yoga, pilates or meditation session. | Once a week.
✦ Plan a bodycoaching to discuss your personal body plan.


plan food | selfcare

✦ Basic nutrition | Preference list | Inspiration list | Important for inspiration and a good balance.
✦ Plan a foodcoaching to discuss your personal food goals.


plan mind | selfcare

✦ Meditate | Try to meditate every day. Make use of guided meditations if you (still) find it difficult.
✦ Yoga nidra | Ensures deep relaxation.
✦ Plan a lifestylecoaching to discuss your personal mind goals.

Attention and rest
Sleep at least eight hours a night in a darkened bedroom and avoid screen use before going to sleep. Make sure your room is not too warm (not warmer than 21 degrees). Go to bed before 11 pm.



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