30 minute online workouts

Would you like to shape, lose weight, get stronger, or simply relax? In addition to our workouts in the boutiques, we also offer 30-minute online workouts! This way, you can get to know us online and participate in your favorite workouts.

Here’s a sneak peek of one such workout: Full-body workout with Coach Melissa.

Why choose 0ur 30-minute online workouts?

  • Our workouts are designed by women for women.
  • You’ll receive a comprehensive online lifestyle analysis and holistic advice covering body, food, and lifestyle.
  • You can join daily live-streamed 30-minute classes (yoga, pilates, shaping, HIIT, strength).
  • Enjoy personal guidance during our small group training sessions via Zoom.
  • Gain access to our strong and supportive community of women with plenty of personal attention.

Would you also like to work towards your health goals? Sign up for our (online) subscription here and join in!

online 30 minute workout

Our 30-Minute Online Workouts

  • bbb30 During this class, you’ll work on your legs, buttocks, and abdomen. It’s an intense workout that gets you ready for the day in just 30 minutes. In the bbb30, a coach demonstrates the exercises, and you follow along.
  • bbb Power A powerful class that targets different muscle groups. In this training, we focus on increasing muscle mass and muscle endurance.
  • Pilates With our Pilates sessions, you’ll improve your posture and strengthen your core. Core-focused exercises take center stage in this class. Pilates is suitable whether you’re in good shape or if you have specific concerns or limitations.
  • Yoga Our yoga class is a calming session suitable for all levels. It consists of a series of flowing and static poses on the mat. Regular yoga practice will improve your flexibility and make your body feel more supple.
  • HIIT Boost your fat-burning with our 30-minute HIIT workout. This full-body workout is based on cardio and strength exercises in timed intervals.
  • Mama to Be We’ve also considered women who are pregnant. Our Mama to Be class is suitable for every stage of pregnancy. The exercises in this class focus on strengthening the core muscles and pelvic floor. These exercises have been designed by our physiotherapists, ensuring you can stay strong, fit, and in shape safely during pregnancy.

Online Subscription

The online subscriptions at bbb health boutique include phone-based body, food, and lifestyle coaching as well as convenient Zoom classes. You can become an online member for just 49 euros per month.


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