Back in shape after your pregnancy

In this blog, Marlene, the owner of bbb Haarlem, shares her experiences following the birth of her second child, offering insights on how to get back in shape post-pregnancy.

Ten months ago, Victor was born via cesarean section—a healthy son and our second child. I’ve previously written about my journey and the challenges it entailed.

Yesterday, I met one of our new bbb members. Her baby is 4.5 months old, and she’s eager to shed those pregnancy pounds. Just like a friend of mine who’s facing similar challenges. Feeling like your body isn’t yours, yearning for a quick fix, and comparing yourself to women who seem to effortlessly return to their pre-pregnancy weight or even below, which comes with its own set of challenges.

Most women I meet at bbb health boutique Haarlem are mothers, and for many of them, losing weight is not a quick process. But here’s the good news: it will get better!

Back in shape after your pregnancy, 3 tips!

Make sleep a priority

Sleep is crucial! Good sleep boosts your energy, makes it easier to make the right choices, and live healthily. As any parent knows, getting a good night’s sleep with a baby in the house is a challenge. So, take a moment to honestly assess how much you’re really sleeping. My daughter slept through the night after eight weeks. Victor had other plans. This resulted in poor sleep for us, making me quite frankly a less pleasant mother and wife (and my husband too).

That’s why we make sure to plan a night away together at least once a month. Be creative in thinking of someone who could babysit and dare to ask. Scheduling a date night or even spending a night at someone’s house who doesn’t have children is also an option. It boosts your relationship, your sex life, and your energy. As for Victor’s crying, one of my members recommended seeing osteopath Axel Stap with my son. He’s been sleeping much better since!

 A baby smiles at her mother who is exercising in the hot cabin at bbb health boutique Amsterdam Amstel.

Stay active to get back in shape

I spend two sessions a week at bbb in the hot cabin. It’s only 30 minutes and easily fits into my schedule, but it has to be planned. Otherwise, the week flies by before I know it. If possible, I also fit in a yoga session. If getting to bbb is challenging, bbb online is a great option to follow a class from home or catch up whenever suits you. Also, try to walk more. It’s an effective way to burn fat, clear your mind, and stay active!

Adjust your eating habits

This is personally the most challenging aspect for me. I’ve tried everything, not always with success. Of course, you can try to eat less and cut out snacking. In my experience, my body lost weight in phases.

First, I was stuck at around 78 kilos for a few months. Then around 75. Then 73… after nine months, I participated in the bbb shape challenge. Suddenly, the weight started to drop! Now I’m around 69 kilos. And I’m noticeably shaping up; I’m losing a lot of centimeters and fitting into my dresses again. However, my weight hasn’t changed much. That’s why I’m so glad we’re measuring again. Not just on the scale, but also with tape measures in thirteen different areas. It allows you to see progress, which is motivating.

One of my members asked me, “what’s your advice?” You might not want to hear this, but besides the above, it’s mainly: give it time. Be kind to yourself. Be proud that your body has brought something beautiful into the world. And give yourself and your body time to recover. To let your hormones balance out. I can tell you; you’ll start to feel more like yourself. And that feels wonderful!

With love,

Marlene Stiekema

Co-owner bbb health boutique Haarlem

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