Body, food and mind

bbb is a holistic gym for women, a health boutique with body, food and mind coaching. Everybody is welcome for a free trial. In this trial you train according to your wishes and we determine your sport level. A free trial lesson always starts with an intake and lasts about an hour.

Why choose bbb? That could be for various reasons.

  • You want to lose weight or shape but it’s not working.
  • You would like to train effectively (and shortly) in a comfortable enviroment.
  • You have a membership with a sport school but never go.
  • You have tried everything but can’t follow through with anything.
  • You have little time and space for yourself.
  • You are tired and lack energy.
  • You suffer from stress and have not much balance in your life.
  • You haven’t exercised for a long time and are afraid to train due to pain complaints or overweight.
  • You are pregnant or have just given birth and are looking for a safe way to exercise.
  • You are in the menopause and your body and soul are changing.
  • You would like to do different workouts within one environment, such as yoga, pilates, strength and HIIT.

Book your trial class online here. You can find our boutiques in Amsterdam (Jordaan & Amstel), Delft, The Hague, Haarlem, Tilburg, Utrecht, Rotterdam & Den Bosch. Here you can find more information about our boutiques

Group of women exercising together in the hot cabin at bbb health boutique. A gym focused on body, food, and mind.
Foundation, tools & challenges

After filling in an extensive questionnaire we look at which body, food and mind advice best fits you. At bbb we call this a foundation. This is your personal ground advice. We always decide this together with you based on your goals and motivation. Of course your situation may change every now and then so we then adjust your foundation. Or we offer you a tool to give your health a boost in the right direction. bbb also organises a challenge 2 times a year. A body, food and mind event, appropriate for every different season in which you can work on your goals together with other bbbers. So whether you want to shape, lose weight, become fitter or stronger, are pregnant or have just given birth or are in the menopause: we coach you!

Would you prefer to become a member immediately? That’s possible! You can sign up here.

A strong woman at bbb health boutique, the holistic women's gym with coaching.

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