bbb exercises

bbb are the three main female muscle groups: core, buttocks and legs. You can shape it in a beautiful way at bbb health boutique. The most popular class from bbb is the bbb30, where the core, buttocks and legs are trained for 30 minutes.

What do you have to think about with bbb exercises?

There are many exercises for abdomen, buttocks and legs. Below you will find videos of nice bbb exercises. To perform it properly and safely, you must take into account the following points:

  • Lengthening the spine
    You make yourself tall, crown and toes/heels (with flexed feet) or crown and tailbone as far apart as possible. This applies to every position. So for supine position, side position, prone position and also the kneeling position.
  • Tighten your abs / belly button in
    Always move from your core or your core. These are the postural muscles/deep muscles, consisting of the pelvic floor muscles, lumbar multifidus (part of various back muscles), transversus abdominis (this is the deepest abdominal muscle, also abbreviated as TA) and the diaphragm muscle. The pelvic floor muscles and the TA work together, if you consciously tense one, the other also tenses.
  • Breathing
    With bbb exercises you breathe from your chest / over your flanks so that you can also keep your navel well retracted while performing the exercises and because the tempo is higher with the bbb exercises, breathing through is especially important, as long as you keep your belly button keeps holding in! For large movements (stretches, large rotations), exhale on exertion and inhale on relaxation.
  • Stability
    Stability is achieved by keeping the trunk, shoulders, shoulder blades, pelvis/hips as still as possible (stabilizing) during the execution of the movements. The exercises are therefore more effective.

bbb are the three main female muscle groups: core, buttocks and legs. You can shape it in a beautiful way at bbb health boutique

What is a nice class with bbb exercises?

The best class with bbb exercise is the bbb30. This workout gives you everything you need in 30 minutes! On fun hits, the coaches motivate you to do intensive and muscle-strengthening exercises for legs, buttocks and abdomen. This is the favorite workout of many of our members, as you will be out of the cabin sweaty and satisfied within 30 minutes.

Take a look at the bbb exercises with a coach

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