bbb psychology

Stress, exhaustion and/or severe/intense circumstances can get in the way of a healthy lifestyle. bbb psychology can help you.

It could be that you struggle with a stream of thoughts, negative and sad feelings, lack of energy, motivation, self discipline or emotional eating. Sometimes its difficult to handle these and you may need some extra help.

You can choose, with the help of a therapist from bbb psychology, to get back in controle of your situation. Feel free to make use of a no obligation telephone consult. You can then discuss if a bbb psychology process would work for you and you can be advised as to the possibilities.

Our therapists are specialised in:

  • Cognitive behaviouraltherapy (registered by Vereniging voor Gedragstherapie- en Cognitieve therapie)
  • Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy
  • Meditation/ Mindfulness trainings (registered Vereniging Voor Mindfulness)
  • Educational/ upbringing support
  • Recognising and breaking through obstructing patterns
  • The treatment of emotional theme’s
  • Burn-out
  • Depression
  • Fear and pressure problems
  • Trauma

What can you expect?

During the bbb psychology process you will become aware of obstructing patterns which lead to the complaints you are experiencing. The patterns are looked at carefully and specifically. Because these patterns receive attention it allows you new insight which leads to you receiving tools to help you break these patterns. You once again take contole of your life and become your own boss.

Is bbb psychology compensated?

bbb psychologie is not eligible for compensation. An advantage of this is that you don’t need a reference and a diagnosis is not necessary. A session is one hour and our hourly rate is 85 euro. The frequency of your sessions and the length of your whole process is up to you. If possible, we would advise you to ask your employer for financial assistance. Employers would see bbb psychology as a good development for your well being. The bbb therapists can advise you and your employer as to the possibilities.

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