Behavioral change: steps towards a healthier life

Changing behavior

Often, we find ourselves in a cyclical struggle between clinging to our resolutions and succumbing to old habits. This, especially when it comes to adopting a healthier lifestyle. Changing behavior is hard. It seems like the motivation is there: we set goals for ourselves such as going to bed earlier, working less, eating healthier, or exercising more. Yet, at critical moments – such as a cozy evening on the terrace or the temptation to stay up late – old habits prevail over our good intentions. “I’ll start again tomorrow,” we say, or “I deserve an exception now.” But what makes us deviate so easily from our goals?

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Inner conflict

The essence of this dilemma lies in our ambivalent motivation: we want to, but at the same time, we do not. This results in an inner conflict between the value we attach to sociability versus our health goals. To break this pattern, it’s important to first conduct a thorough assessment of the pros and cons of our behavior. By concretely weighing the positive and negative aspects against each other, we get a clear picture of the real cost and benefits of our behavior.

Imagine you often snack or regularly go to bed late. The advantages can range from relaxation to sociability, but the disadvantages – such as weight gain, tiredness, or guilt – are also significant. Evaluating these pros and cons on a scale of 0-10 can help us see what is truly important. When the disadvantages clearly outweigh the advantages, it becomes easier to change these unhealthy patterns.

Behavioral change: steps towards a healthier life

At the moment of temptation, it is crucial to pause and consider the real costs of our behavior. This moment of conscious reflection can help us make an informed choice. Moreover, breaking these patterns is also a matter of practicing new behavior. As the old saying goes: practice makes perfect. By consistently choosing a healthier option, it becomes easier to leave those old habits behind.

For those seeking extra support, book a lifestyle coaching session with a bbb coach. It’s never too late to start making healthier choices, and sometimes a little help along the way is all we need.

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