Circuit training

Circuit30 is a challenging 30-minute circuit training that alternates between strength and cardio exercises. It targets various muscle groups!

What is Circuit Training?

In circuit training, you perform a series of different exercises one after the other, rather than repeating the same exercise multiple times. These exercises typically consist of a mix of cardio and strength exercises. During a circuit training session, you complete all the exercises in succession. This entire sequence of exercises is known as the circuit. The circuit is repeated multiple times during the session. You are continuously active for half an hour and work on various muscle groups during this workout.

Circuit Training amsterdam

Why Circuit30?

Circuit training is an incredibly intense workout format. There’s little time for rest between exercises as you immediately transition to the next one, which means you expend a lot of energy. A half-hour session is sufficient for your daily workout, and be prepared to work up a sweat.

During the training, cardio and strength exercises are combined. One exercise may focus on strength training, while the next could be a cardio exercise. This combination makes the workout ideal for burning fat. There’s a lot of variety in the exercises performed during Circuit30, allowing you to target different muscle groups and achieve a challenging full-body workout in just half an hour.

Are you interested in Circuit30?

Would you like to join a Circuit30 workout at a gym near you? At bbb, you can participate in Circuit30 classes at various times throughout the week. It doesn’t matter if you’ve taken a class before or not; the class is accessible to everyone. Please note that bbb Circuit30 sessions are not conducted in the hot cabins.

We offer Circuit30 at the following bbb locations: Amsterdam and Utrecht.

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