Clean challenge

As spring approaches, it’s time to embrace growth and vitality! Are you seeking increased energy, better health, strength, or weight loss this season? Take on our clean challenge to detoxify your body and mind, rediscovering your natural equilibrium.

In this challenge, tailor your clean routine to suit your daily rhythm and aspirations. Reset your body with nourishing, seasonal foods free from processing. For an added boost, consider incorporating a 3, 5, or 7-day juice cleanse. Ready to bid farewell to fatigue, discomfort, and extra pounds? Join us for the clean challenge and welcome spring with a renewed sense of wellness.

The clean challenge kicks off on April 2nd, 2024.

clean body

During your detox, staying active is crucial. Aim to exercise every other day and diversify your routine. Here’s how to select the appropriate workouts:

  • Rotate between different types of exercises, ensuring that each week includes at least one session focused on strength, one on cardiovascular fitness, and one dedicated to flexibility. Strive for a balanced blend! Experiment with various workouts this week to discover the optimal combination for you.


  • Tailor your workouts to your individual objectives and select your own personalized BBB (strength, fitness, flexibility) routine. Arrange a body coaching session to assess your workout with a coach. You can access your customized workout through the app under “my programs.”

clean food

Over the span of four weeks, your diet will consist solely of foods intended to nourish, fortify, and purify the body. Resisting temptation can be challenging, so meticulous planning of your detox is essential. Your dedication serves as your greatest ally!

Craft your own daily cleansing regimen encompassing nutrition, exercise, and relaxation periods. You’ll receive individual coaching to guide you through the process. About a week before commencing the detox, gradually reduce consumption of sugar, meat, wheat, gluten, alcohol, caffeine, salt, and processed foods. Refer to the shopping list and menu provided in the e-guide for assistance.

Looking to enhance your internal spring cleaning even further? Consider participating in a juice detox during the third week.

clean mind

This challenge extends beyond physical detoxification to encompass mental cleansing. Incorporate more rest, digital detoxing, and meditation to purify your mind. Reflect on activities that bring you peace and fulfillment, integrating them into your daily clean routine. Perhaps you’d like to spend time in the garden weekly or take a short walk every day. Explore the possibility of meditation, assessing what’s feasible in your life. Consider ending your day with a calming yoga nidra session in bed or incorporating brief 3-minute meditations throughout the day. If reducing screen time is a goal, establish objectives and take gradual steps toward cultivating more tranquility and space. This challenge empowers you to design your own daily regimen and pursue sustainable change.

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