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body, food & mind tools

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During a trial class you can experience our professional and friendly approach and how it feels to exercise in warmth.

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clean detox challenge

Spring has started and it is time to grow and bloom! Do you want more energy, a better condition, feel strong and fit or lose weight this spring? With this clean challenge you detox your body & mind and you will find your natural balance again.

The lockdown makes us all more tired, we feel more depressed and weaker than usual. This challenge you design your clean routine, appropriate to your daily rhythm and goals. You reset your body through unprocessed and light seasonal food. If you want to go the extra mile, you can combine the detox with a 3, 5 or 7 day juice cure. So, do you need to say goodbye to tiredness, ailments and pounds? Then join the clean challenge and get spring fit!


  • When: This challenge starts on April 5 april and ends on May 2 2021.
  • Clean program: Every week we deal with challenge topics in which our pillars body, food & mind recur. We do this in webinars, workshops and group coaching. Do you want extra guidance? Sign up for group coaching for more connection, coaching and to share experiences with others. 

What exactly are you going to do?

In the first week you design your clean daily routine with your workouts, daily menu and relaxing activities.

  • You will eat and live clean for two weeks: less junk food and distraction, more sport and rest.
  • You clean your mind: you create moments of reflection or you make room for meditation and yoga. You follow extra workouts, webinars and (group) coaching that fit your goals.
  • Optional: Connect by signing up for group coaching on a set day of the week. Under the guidance of a permanent coach and with a fixed group, you personalize your challenge, you are coached and you share your goals & experiences with other participants. The group coaching is only for full members.

Challenge kick-off & webinars

Before and during the challenge you can follow various webinars via the Facebook group bbb online. You can also watch these webinars. Sign up via the app.

  • Intestines in balance: Monday March 22 from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. with Anouk & Bodile.
    Do you regularly have intestinal complaints, are you low in your energy or do you have a poor concentration? Then your intestines may be the cause. Learn more about this with coaches Anouk (Orthomolecular Nutrition Expert) & Bodile (Orthomolecular Dietician).
  • Kick-off clean challenge: Monday April 5 from 2 p.m. to 2:45 p.m. with Esther & Bodile
    During this webinar, Esther & Bodile will go deeper into the content of the challenge. They share their tips on body, food & mind and you can ask your questions right away.
  • Digidetox meditation: Wednesday April 14 from 1 pm to 2 pm with Esther.
    Why do we reach for our phone so often? And how do you get rid of this? Founder and psychologist Esther explains the principle of emotional avoidance and how to see this desire to dissociate as an invitation to turn the attention inward. We conclude this webinar with a guided meditation with yes… your smartphone in the lead!

Yes, I want this!

Can you use a reset during this period? Right now is the time to cleanse your body. This allows you to break old patterns and boost your immunity! Register now for this challenge and receive our e-guide including detox recipes directly in your mailbox (this challenge is free for members).

Not a bbb member? Even then you can participate! Click here how you can participate.

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