Exercising with rheumatism

Many people tend to rest their bodies when they have a rheumatic condition. It is actually very beneficial to engage in regular exercise when you are dealing with rheumatism. The question is: how do you approach exercising with rheumatism?

Why Exercise with Rheumatism?

Why is exercising such a good idea? It is important to keep moving, even when you experience pain, such as from osteoarthritis. Since your joints are affected, you must ensure that the muscles around them are strong. Therefore, you need to keep moving the affected joint. This way, you help the muscles become stronger and provide more support. Ultimately, you will experience less pain. Exercising with rheumatism is a great idea. The benefits include:

  • It helps reduce pain.
  • It alleviates stiffness.
  • You are promoting overall health, which also has a positive impact on your mindset and energy levels.

Exercising in a hot cabin

At bbb health boutique, you can exercise in a special hot cabin, which is especially beneficial when exercising with rheumatism. The heat ensures that muscles and joints are well-circulated, reducing pain during movement.

rheuma exercise hot cabin

Special Workout

When you are dealing with a rheumatic condition like osteoarthritis, you can turn to bbb health boutique for a specialized fitness program. The physiotherapist and coach will have a discussion about the right exercises for you that can be performed in the hot cabins. By engaging in the proper exercises, we work together to reduce your symptoms. Would you like to learn more about exercising with rheumatism and about bbb health boutique? Come visit us and book a free trial.

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