Fibromyalgia and sports

Do you suffer a lot from your muscles, stiffness, fatigue, sleep disorders and/or mood swings? Then you may have fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia is a condition in which you suffer from long-term pain in your muscles and connective tissue and perhaps also from the aforementioned complaints. The complaints often change and one day you can suffer much more than the other day. Fibromyalgia and sports are a good combination and can relieve the symptoms itself, if you choose the right sport.

Learning to exercise with fibromyalgia

Unfortunately, there are no drugs to cure the condition. However, your complaints can be reduced with the right movement. But what about fibromyalgia and exercise? Which sports can you do exactly? It is wise to exercise in which you train your muscles without putting too much strain on your joints. In addition to the warmth, exercising in our hot cabin has the advantage that your legs do not have to support your body weight. Our coaches can look with you at what is possible and together put together a program of exercises and watching lessons that are fine for you. For example, it can be nice to alternate sports in the hot cabin with yin yoga to relax.

fibromyalgie sports

Lifestyle and fibromyalgia

It is also very important to pay attention to your lifestyle and to strive for a healthy weight. The right attention for your diet and sufficient exercise has many advantages. Behavioral change is not easy and needs internal motivation and time. Our coaches are happy to watch with you. For example, your self-image can change due to physical and physical changes. It is important to give yourself time then. It is also important, for example, to ensure that you get enough sleep. During the night’s sleep, your body gets the chance to recover. Do you have trouble sleeping? We are happy to coach you!

Why exercise with fibromyalgia?

An important focus is to keep moving. You may or may not want to move. It is important to know that continuing to move is very good for making your muscles and joints stronger and more flexible. This may have benefits in alleviating symptoms and slowing the progression of the condition. In addition, it increases your energy level, reduces fatigue and can play a role in your sleep pattern.

fibromyalgie sports

Fibromyalgia and sports in heat

Exercising in the hot cabin is recommended due to the heated environment. The heat can reduce joint stiffness, experience less pain and increase blood flow. Because the pain experience decreases, it is easier to move and you can strengthen your body. It is understandable that you cannot do some movements or that it is painful. It is important to continue to exercise regularly to prevent or limit the limitation of movement and strength reduction. Do the things you can! And at times when you have the most energy to exercise. Wondering if exercising in a heat cabin is something for you? Book a free trial lesson.

“I’ve often heard that it’s best to go swimming with fibromyalgia, but I don’t like to swim.  I am so happy that I finally found a sport that I can do and where I enjoy it”, Marlene (54) member of bbb Utrecht.

Find a sport or class that you enjoy. The chance that you will keep it up is much greater. Other sports that you can do are, for example, walking, cycling or swimming. High impact sports such as running, climbing and contact sports are not recommended. Of course, this doesn’t apply to everyone. Do you not experience any limitations yourself? Then you may just be able to do this. Discover what you can do and discuss this with your coach. Be aware that you may experience pain and discomfort during and just after training. Your body also has to get used to exercising. Note: the pain should not worsen two hours after training. Discuss with your coach what works and what doesn’t. We are happy to coach you!


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