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Perhaps you’ve come across this before, or maybe it’s entirely new to you: exercising in a heated cabin. What makes it unique at bbb health boutique is our workouts in the hot cabin.

What is a hot cabin?

At bbb health boutiques, in addition to our regular gym classes and online sessions, you also have the option to work out in a heated cabin at our Amsterdam locations, bbb Jordaan and bbb Amstel. A heated cabin is a chamber that warms up to 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit). Most of your exercises in this cabin are done while lying down, with your head remaining outside the heated area. The benefit of this setup is that your body stays warm while you can still breathe in fresh air. Exercising in a heated cabin in Amsterdam comes with several advantages:

  • The combination of heat and exercise has a cleansing effect on your body.
  • Exercising in the heated cabin improves blood circulation and accelerates fat burning.
  • You can complete your entire workout in approximately 30 minutes.
  • There is minimal to no risk of injury.

hot cabin amsterdam

Exercises in the Amsterdam hot cabin

It might look exciting, working out in a heated cabin in Amsterdam, but it’s a pleasant and, above all, an effective way to get your workout in! There are various types of classes and exercises that take place in the heated cabin:

  • The bbb30: This is an intensive workout that targets your buttocks, legs, and abdomen. It involves performing different types of exercises at a fast pace in the heated cabin. Think of exercises like planks, sit-ups, and variations on familiar exercises, all in a new and engaging way.
  • Hot Yoga in the Amsterdam Heated Cabin: This yoga class consists of a series of fluid and static poses in the cabin. The exercises are thoughtfully structured and executed with control.
  • Hot Pilates: Pilates exercises that focus on your core muscles in the Amsterdam heated cabin.
  • Personal: This is perhaps the most unique aspect of bbb. It’s personalized training in the hot cabin. Based on your foundation, measurements, and goals, you’ll receive a customized workout program.
  • HIIT: High-Intensity Interval Training in the Amsterdam heated cabin is, as the name suggests, intense. You’ll alternate between high-intensity exercises and lower-intensity ones, all at a rapid pace.

Experience of exercising in the Amsterdam hot cabin

One of our members shared her experience with the heated cabin in Amsterdam: ‘The hot cabin sessions are a delightful way to get in a quick and effective workout, either at your own pace or during one of the hot cabin classes where you’re greatly motivated by the coaches. I have a coaching session every week, and it’s wonderful to have a chance to discuss and stay on track. If you’re still wondering whether these workouts have an impact, I had sore muscles for three days after a hot pilates class! All I can say is that I would recommend this to everyone :).

hot cabin amsterdam

Curious about the hot cabins in Amsterdam?

Try the exercises in the Amsterdam heated cabin for yourself and book your trial class here for the Amsterdam Amstel location or schedule your trial class here for the Amsterdam Jordaan location. During this free introduction, we’ll spend approximately 45 minutes familiarizing you with the heated cabin and conducting a holistic intake conversation.

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