Pregnant and fit

Are you pregnant? At bbb health boutique, we understand that each stage of your pregnancy deserves special attention. That’s why we tailor your workouts to make them safe and personalized just for you. No standard classes, but a personalized program that easily adapts to your needs in class. Our coaches are there to guide and support you as needed.

Two pregnant women working out together in a heat cabin at bbb health boutique Amsterdam.

Pregnant & exercising

In the heat cabin, we take it easy. The heat is moderated, no more capes, but still those delightful workouts. Whether you’re in the first, second, or third trimester, we have programs that suit your needs and the growing life in your belly.

Goodbye sit-ups, hello oblique abs!

After 12 weeks, we bid farewell to isolated straight abdominal muscles. No more sit-ups, but hello to oblique and transverse abdominal muscles! We understand that a lot is changing in your abdomen, and we don’t want to add extra pressure to the linea alba. After all, the belly needs space for the baby.

Pay attention to the ‘pooch’

Keep an eye on your belly during training. If a ‘pooch’ appears, the abdominal pressure is too high. No need to panic, we simply adjust the exercise. Too much pressure can lead to discomfort such as back pain and pelvic problems.

Start slowly after childbirth

After childbirth, it’s important to take at least 6 weeks of rest. The straight abdominal muscles can relax while we focus on the oblique and transverse ones. Stability is the key, so we gradually build up. Our programs at bbb health boutique are designed with a safe postpartum start in mind.

Safe and relaxed movement

No stress, no complicated exercises, but safe and relaxed movement. Asymmetrical exercises are okay if they feel good, but always listen to your body. Our goal is to let you enjoy a healthy and fit lifestyle during this special time. Want to read more about our holistic approach during pregnancy? Click here. See you in class, mama-to-be!

A strong woman at bbb health boutique, the holistic women's gym with coaching.

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