Sugarfree challenge

The holidays are just around the corner and the days are getting shorter and colder. How do you go into winter fit, fresh and rested? Sugarfree is the autumn challenge of bbb health boutique. This challenge is all about sugar-free food, varied training and a good night’s sleep.

In this challenge we live four weeks sugar and alcohol free for a healthier and fitter body. Variation is key, both in nutrition and in exercise. During this challenge you choose variation in your workouts and ensure a good night’s sleep with yoga nidra.


When: from October 30th and ends on November 26th. It is also possible to participate in part of this challenge.

Body, food & mind:

  • Body: stay fit this season and exercise at least three times a week and opt for variation in your hot cabin (lessons) and lessons in the hall. Get out of your comfort zone and choose a different lesson than usual. Vary & experiment!
  • Food: sugar-free food is central to this challenge. Become(more) aware and broaden your knowledge about sugar. To help you on your way, you will find delicious sugar-free recipes in this guide.
  • Mind: we challenge you to go to bed on time during this challenge. A good night’s sleep keeps you energized to exercise and eat healthy. To be able to sleep well, we pay attention to a popular yoga form of the moment: yoga nidra.

Personal goals: Make your challenge even more personal by completing the foundation questionnaire. In the new app you can see your lifestyle characteristics even better. This gives you insight into your sleep deprivation, screen time, sugar intake and stress. Set your own goals and choose the right tools. All tools can be found both in the web app and online under tools. At the end of the challenge you can complete the foundation questionnaire again to see if your sleep and sugar intake have improved.

What exactly are you going to do?

  • In week one you prepare for the challenge. You first fill in the foundation for a personal starting point. You determine your healthy goals.
  • In weeks two and three we really get to work! You design your own daily menu, exercise at least three times a week and eat sugar-free.
  • In week four you look back on the past few weeks. What went well? What do you want to do next?

Sign up sugarfree challenge

Sign up via our web app. Scroll through to ‘my challenge’ and after registration open the challenge e-guide containing the guidelines and delicious sugar-free recipes for this season!


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