Strength training, how many calories do you burn

Are you already fanatically engaged in sports or do you want to start but are you wondering which workout is a real calorie burner? Have you ever tried strength training?

Weight training burns a lot of calories. How much? That depends on which muscle group you train and it is a little different for everyone.

Burn calories with strength training

What happens to your muscles and your body? When you do strength training, you don’t necessarily burn more calories than with a cardio workout. But after your workout, your muscles need to recover and grow. You also burn calories during this process. By doing strength training, you burn fat and shape your body. Repetitions are very important in strength training. For muscle growth, the shaping, between eight and twelve repetitions are necessary.

Shape your body

With strength training you burn calories and build muscle mass by doing exercises. Different exercises train different muscle groups. Think, for example, of your stomach or your buttocks. These both consist of multiple muscles that all need exercise for the best results. Alternating between these exercises ensures that you train and shape every part of your body.


1. Lunches
2. Wall sits
3. Burpees

1. Squats
2. Donkey kicks
3. Climbing stairs

1. Planks
2. Crunches
3. Superwoman

Do you really want to be fit and get in shape? Then you have to train everything!

  • Train different muscle groups.
  • Don’t forget cardio.
  • Exercise at least three times a week.
  • Watch your diet.

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