What is a TRX workout?

Are you wondering: What is a TRX workout? This is a training aimed at strength, balance and core stability

A TRX band is a tool for a total body workout and originated with the American Navy Seals. With the TRX you train with the help of ropes and webbing. Training with body weight is central to this.

You hang the TRX strap on a designated anchor point. In the boutiques, the TRXs are usually already in the hall or power zone.

What is TRX? This is a training aimed at strength, balance and core stability

TRX workout

What is the TRX? The TRX is a mobile workout tool that uses gravity and your body weight. Training with a TRX calls on strength and stability in the core. You do not train muscles individually, but in chains, with the abdomen and lower back forming the core of the movement. The TRX exercises are alternated with cardio and strength exercises in the form of a circuit.

Advantages of a TRX

  • It is a total body workout: you can train all your body parts with it.
  • A TRX is very good for your core and improves posture.
  • Increased muscular endurance.
  • Suitable for every level from beginners to advanced.
  • The TRX is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.


Now that you know the answer to what is TRX? For example, did you know that TRX is often used to work on your core stability. It is important that the exercises are performed correctly. Want to add TRX to your personal workout at bbb? Schedule a body coaching session so that a coach can guide you in this. 

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