bbb summer sessions

Do you know the bbb summer sessions? With the 10 summer sessions, you can attend all group classes in the studio and cabin at bbb. In the cabin, these include bbb30, hot HIIT, and hot Pilates, while in the studio, we offer various types of yoga classes, TRX, and barre. You can also take advantage of measurements, food, and lifestyle coaching.

  • Individual guidance and attention focused on you as a woman: because we exercise in small groups, our focus is on you. You receive personalized guidance in our gym where there is a homely atmosphere.
  • Hot cabin exercises: with us, you experience unique workouts done in a hot cabin. This training doesn’t take long but is highly effective: in 30 minutes, you complete your entire workout. We offer yoga, pilates, HIIT, and bbb classes in the hot cabin. In addition, we also provide studio classes, outdoor workouts, and online classes.
  • Our gym is holistic: with us, it’s not just about the body but also about your mind, nutrition, and lifestyle.

About bbb health boutique

Welcome to bbb health boutique. bbb is a holistic gym for women, a fitness center with a focus on body, food, and mind. What sets bbb apart are the workouts in the hot cabin; a safe and personalized way to work on your body. Exercising in warmth is beneficial for circulation, promotes fat burning, and has a cleansing effect. Above all, it's wonderfully relaxing!
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