Back in shape after childbirth

If you want to exercise after childbirth, it is nice to be in a friendly environment with a lot of knowledge and personal attention. Moreover, it is nice to work on your own goals in a targeted way to keep your body & mind as healthy as possible. We offer a warm and professional environment in which women can enjoy relaxed sports activities after or before childbirth and receive advice about food & mind. With a belly or with baby!

Voor kersverse mama’s is bbb dé plek om te sporten. Het bbb mama programma bestaat uit hot cabin workouts, body- , food- & lifestylecoaching. Trainen in warmte is goed voor je herstel en stimuleert de vetverbranding.

Rustig en verantwoord starten met sporten en op je voeding letten, zorgt er voor dat je snel weer back in shape bent. Wij bieden programma’s aan die vanaf zes weken na de bevalling op verantwoorde wijze kunnen worden gedaan. Ook besteden we aandacht aan food & mind.  Bovendien kan je tijdens ‘de bring your baby’ uurtjes je kleintje lekker meenemen. Zo heb je niet steeds oppas nodig en kom jij op een veilige en gezonde manier weer back in shape.


Een vrouw heeft net gesport bij bbb health boutique Amsterdam Jordaan en loopt door het Vondelpark naar huis.

'After giving birth I had problems with my pelvis. I wanted to train safely, but didn't know how. I really thought the coaching was a gift. Not only did I lose weight in a responsible way, I also really appreciated a listening ear about the broken nights and busy planning.'

- Kelly
Een baby lacht naar haar moeder die aan het sporten is in de hot cabin bij bbb health boutique Amsterdam Amstel.

For new moms, bbb is the place to exercise. The bbb mama program consists of hot cabin workouts, body, food & lifestyle coaching. Exercising in heat is good for your recovery and stimulates fat burning. Moreover, you can take your little one with you during 'the bring your baby' hours!

Why choose bbb after childbirth?

  • You want to get back in shape after the birth.
  • You choose safe and effective training and working on your own goals.
  • You want to stay connected with other women and work together on health.
  • You like to be coached personally in the field of body, food & mind.
  • You would like to receive inspiring recipes, meditations and workouts from professional coaches.
  • bbb offers Pilates, yoga, TRX, power and HIIT workouts.


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