after giving birth

back in shape

Dealing with the big change

The first period after giving birth is different for everyone. One mother thinks it’s fantastic, the other finds it quite difficult. The important thing is that however you experience it, you accept it as it is. There is no right or wrong and no way it should be. So let go of all expectations and be kind to yourself.

Practical tips after giving birth!

  • Divide the nights with your partner into shifts if possible. So you can occasionally sleep through the night. Sleep deprivation creates a bad mood, hunger and inefficiency. After a bad night, take an afternoon nap.
  • Are you very result-oriented? With a baby you get a lot less done, even showering can be an undertaking in the first weeks! Adjust your goals and focus on the priorities to avoid frustration. Remember that this period in your life may not be very result-oriented, but it is very mindful.
  • Meditate regularly, this reduces stress, improves your sleep rhythm and increases your mildness.
  • Trust your maternal intuition. You’ll probably get a lot of well-intentioned advice, but every baby, mother and situation is different. So, always feel for yourself what is right for you.
  • Think practical. For example, order groceries online every week and/or arrange a good cleaning lady. This can save time and incentives.
  • Provide structural me-time. Schedule at least one half day a week for yourself to do something fun without your baby.


Maybe you are going to start breastfeeding. During the period that you breastfeed, your body will probably ask for more food. Listen well to your body and don’t eat more than your body asks. You can also follow the Pregnancy Basic nutrition program. Use the bbb Preference and Inspiration lists for varieties, spreads and snacks.

Important to watch

  • Drink plenty. You need at least a few liters extra!
  • Be careful with alcohol during breastfeeding. Within an hour it is present in your milk. Your child cannot digest this and it can be dangerous.
  • Would you like a glass? Wait then for 2 hours before feeding.
  • Limit the amount of caffeine. Your baby can become restless from it..
  • Certain foods, such as spicy and particular herbs, can cause cramps. Watch carefully what you eat and how your baby reacts after feeding. If you don’t notice anything, then you can continue to eat these products.
  • Eat plent of unsaturated fats found in nuts, avocado and unheated oil.
  • Avoid as much as possible, saturated fats found in candy, chips and fried food.
  • Eat plenty of fruit, vegetables and legumes.
  • The website has good facts and tips and experiences from women who give breastfeeding.

Back in shape!

We have special programms for women who have just given birth or we can make a specific one that fits your needs and possible physical complaints.

Basic nutrition

After you’ve finished breastfeeding you can move onto one of the nutrition plans from bbb, such as our basic nutrition. Here you can receive all the necessary nutrients, which will allow you to feel fit and full of energy to be able to look after yourself and your child. It will also help you to lose any of those extra kilos you gained during your pregnancy.

Take time after giving birth

It is possible that it takes a bit more time to lose the extra kilos. The change in your hormone balance, which is used to store fat, has an influence on this. Depending on how much you gained during your pregnancy, it is normal to take about a year to get back (and stay at!) to your old weight.

Get back to exercising

After the birth you can actually get back to exercising quite quickly. From 4-6 weeks after the birth you can start. How quickly depends on how the birth went and how you feel. Don’t wait too long. Exercising helps to increase your energy, which allows you to cope with things better.

Is it difficult to get out without your little one? A few times a week we have a special hour when you can come and sport and bring your baby with you: bring your baby.