small steps, big result

a long lasting change

That small steps deliver the best results is something you probably know, and yet we still want to move mountains. Reach those goals and then that long term change will happen. There is though a hidden downside to this manner of working. We set for ourselves long term goals but become demotivated if the journey takes too long. Another risk is that we require strict rules to enable us to achieve these goals. We want it all to happen quickly. If we don’t keep to the rules, it’s immediately a reason to throw in the towel.

Taking small steps has many benefits

  • The downside and risk that it won’t work and demotivates is very low.
  • You don’t require any strict rules; thus encouraging mildness.
  • You can just be who you are, where you are and allow time for the process of change.
  • It gives self-confidence, not only because taking small steps actually works, but also because working with small steps works on a base of self-confidence. It encourages the beliefs, Ít will all work out’, ‘It can take some time’, and ‘Go with the flow’.

Think about what is really important to you in the long term. What do you really need? And which small steps are necessary to get there? Keep it simple for yourself, choose a maximum of one small step per week within a certain time frame. More is also possible but be mild and keep it realistic. It’s all about the journey!

For example, you have a need for more me-time but you’re an enormous workaholic. A small step could be, spend one evening doing something really relaxing. Or you often allow yourself to go over your boundaries for others. A small step could be saying no to something you don’t want.

Which small steps will you take and in which time frame? Determine your own small steps and plan a lifestyle coaching in to discuss your goals and steps!