To feel good

it's ok if you have a dip

Everyone has a mental dip from time to time. We have some helpfull tips and tricks to feel good. You feel more emotional, it all goes wrong for a while or you don’t feel completely yourself. It is normal to feel uncomfortable sometimes. Hormonal fluctuations in the female body can contribute to this and sometimes there is something else going on. This tool will help you find out the possible causes and see how you can deal with them.

Find out the cause

In order to feel good about yourself again, it is important to find out the cause of your feeling. Ask yourself: where do I think the feeling comes from? Think of: a change in your environment or routine, a life-changing event, you are busier than usual or another stressor. It can also be a combination of several causes. Follow-up questions to better understand the cause: Is the cause of your feeling temporary in nature? And to what extent can you influence the cause, or can you change the situation? Depending on the cause, a suitable solution can be found.

Visualization exercise to feel good

Close your eyes, inhale and exhale deeply 3 times, and feel what you need right now. What could help you? Listen to yourself and get started with the first few things that come to mind.

Tips to feel good

  • Acknowledge what you feel and give your feeling space. Ask yourself: ‘What is this feeling trying to tell me?’
  • Be kind to yourself, be kind and non-judgmental – it’s totally okay if you don’t feel well.
  • Think about the things that are going well right now. Express your gratitude, in your mind or to people you love. It opens your heart.
  • Think about the cause of your feeling. Remember that the feeling will also pass. If you have faith and let go of your resistance, feelings will regulate themselves.
  • Worry less about causes beyond your control and make room for acceptance. By acceptance you give space to change, while by resistance you fix things.
  • Talking helps – share your feelings with someone close to you or with a bbb coach.
  • Continue to follow a healthy lifestyle – a good night’s sleep and nutritious and healthy food contribute to feeling good.
  • Exercise – with exercise you produce the happiness hormone ‘endorphins’.
  • Get outside – research shows that walking and walking in nature can improve your mental health.
  • Schedule ‘me-time’ – pamper yourself and do something you feel comfortable with.

Plan a lifestyle-coaching

Would you like to exchange thoughts on this subject with a bbb coach? Then plan a lifestyle coaching via the app.