yoga nidra

sleep yoga

Yoga nidra is actually a form of sleep yoga. Yoga means connection and nidra means sleep. It is a form of yoga that brings you into a state of deep relaxation and helps with sleeping problems. It can also lead to big changes in one’s body and mind.
Do you ever stop and consider the question ‘what do I really need at this moment?’ or ‘what is my deepest wish?’. Is this something that you pay attention to on a daily basis? Or not? And if you do, how do you try to work towards achieving these needs?


Discipline is a difficult concept. If you put too much focus on it, it works constrictively, like squeezing a garden hose. ‘You’re not allowed that’ instead of ‘you would like that’. By squeezing that garden hose tightly, or practising control, the pressure becomes so heavy that explosion is inevitable. Squeezing tight that garden hose, however, is often our way of achieving our goals. We follow a diet, commit ourselves to a strict sport plan, we stop smoking, drinking and netflixing. Often by creating very strict terms. Rules that we must abide by. Instead of focusing on what we want and what we find important. It actually demonstrates a lack of self-confidence.
It feeds the belief ‘I must keep myself under control otherwise it will all go wrong’. Which is actually often confirmed by that inevitable explosion. ‘See, I do need to have control, otherwise I can’t do it’. How should it work then?

The planting of a seed

By moving towards your deepest wish and taking a moment to focus on this daily, you are planting a seed. You move closer to what you really find important and help to let go of your conditioning. This movement originates from ‘the source’ and is driven by trust. Sounds wonderful doesn’t it?

Yoga nidra helps

Yoga means connection and nidra means sleep. It is a form of yoga that brings you deep relaxation. On a deeper level, this practice helps you lead an authentic life full of meaning. It awakens us to lead an inspired and self-conscious life from our true nature. Yoga Nidra is sleep with a little awareness. It is a state between waking and dreaming, in which you remain conscious. During Yoga Nidra you open the deeper layers of the subconscious. Layers you can’t reach when you’re awake. When you fall asleep, the layers of the subconscious and unconscious become accessible.


You don’t have to concentrate, you can observe yourself very relaxed in this state of being. The great thing about this form of yoga is that it is very accessible and that you can do it lying in your bed. The relaxation is very deep and therefore has a strong effect on your sense of well-being.

During the meditation you make contact with your deepest wish, also called sankalpa. Placing an intention during this deep relaxation is like planting a seed for change in deeper layers. After setting your intention, you will be guided by the body. This ensures that you relax very deeply, come closer to your essence and enter a state of trance.
YouTube offers plenty of Guided Meditation’s for yoga nidra. Our favourites are those from Kamini Desai and Jennifer Piercy.