Toprak Yalciner is bij bbb health boutique Amsterdam. Ze vertelt over haar healthy journey.

With our holistic approach, you stay fit!

bbb is a gym for women with a holistic approach. To lead a healthy and energetic life, more is required than just regular visits to the gym. Body, food, and mind are inseparably connected, which is why our approach is holistic and personalized.

With bbb, I stay in shape

“I’ve tried other sports before: a personal trainer, pilates, yoga. But each time, I ended up gaining a few kilos again. Now, I’ve been at the same weight for a long time and feel good in my skin.”

Toprak Yalçıner (1987) is an actress and appeared in Goede tijden, slechte tijden. She performs in the comedy Kapsalon in the theater and in the film Rokjesdag by Johan Nijenhuis.

A gym with a holistic approach

bbb is a holistic gym. This means that we coach you as a woman in the areas of body, food, and mind. In addition to workouts in the hot cabin or studio, we offer food and lifestyle coaching.

Every woman starts at bbb health boutique by discussing goals and completing a questionnaire. Here, your unique holistic advice is determined, your foundation. Each season, you can participate in inspiring challenges to stay motivated and challenged. Through our approach, we can guide you towards the most conscious and healthy version of yourself.

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