The holistic gym for women

To lead a healthy, happy, aware and energetic life, a little more is required than just regularly visiting the sport school. Body, food and mind are inseparable from each other which is why our approach is holistic and personal. bbb is the holistic gym for women.

Regularly exercising and healthy nutrition ensure a clear mind and more happy feelings. The other way around, a positive look at life automatically ensures a more active existance, healthier eating pattern and more exercise. In other words, everything is linked which is why, at bbb, we look at the whole picture.

The holistic gym for women

Body, food & mind


Every body is different and because of this, everyone at bbb exercises with a personal sport programme. This way you are able to focus on certain zones (for example stomach & waist or legs & buttocks), but we also vary your workout in intensity and weight. bbb offers affordable personal training for every woman in every phase of her life. We regularly measure your body to see if you are achieving your goals and if necessary we adjust your programme.


We also look extensively at your eating habits. After filling in your food diary you’ll receive personal advice that fits with your wishes. Maybe you want to loose weight, or it ┬ámay be that you want to become stronger, receive more energy or lessen your stomach complaints. These can also be goals. We set small steps, that work for you, in the direction of healthier eating. We also have a broad range of food tools to help you on your way. bbb doesn’t believe in only one vision concerning nutrition which is why we have many different nutrition programmes to offer. No complicated diet’s, instead healthy nutrition made to fit you.


As well as body & food advice we also give attention to the mind because even if you sport regularly and eat healthy, too much stress, negative moods or a bad nights sleep can result in you not feeling happy. Our mind tools offer steps to help you reduce stress, sleep better and help improve your mood.

The holistic gym for women

For all women

bbb is for all women and offers different programme’s for every goal and every phase, such as:

bbb is the holistic gym for women. We believe in personal advice. Your personal plan is discussed and put together with a bbb coach.
Body, food and mind are inseparable from each other which is why our approach is holistic and personal.

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