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13-09-2016 / 11:00

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Terms and conditions

bbb has different studios in the Netherlands. The studio's Amsterdam Amstel, Amsterdam Jordaan en Utrecht are studios from bbb health boutique bv. The studio's in Delft, The Hague, Haarlem, Den Bosch, Rotterdam and Tilburg are studios with a licence of bbb health boutique bv.

bbb Amsterdam Amstel, Amsterdam Jordaan and Utrecht: bbb health boutique bv is located in Amsterdam on Hazenstraat 51 and registered in the trade register under number 66882109.
bbb Delft: bbb health boutique Delft is located in Delft on Kristalweg 27 and registered in the trade register under number 66575680.
bbb Den Haag, Den Bosch and Tilburg: bbb healthclub studio's is located in Tilburg on Kempenaarplaats 16 and registered in the trade register under number 60460504.
bbb Haarlem: bbb healthclub Haarlem is located in Haarlem on Houtplein 37 and registered in the trade register under number 61727091.
bbb Rotterdam: bbb health boutique 010 is located in Rotterdam on Zwart Janstraat 138b and registered in the trade register under number 86446657.

1. Terms
Terms and Conditions:
these General Terms and Conditions are the applicable general terms and conditions of bbb health boutique, which are published on the website of the bbb health boutique, They apply to the above studios. The conditions may differ per studio. The terms and conditions of bbb Haarlem differ and can be found here on the website. 
bbb member: a person who is a member at bbb health boutique.
Hot Cabin, Heated Cabin or Cabin: a cabin heated up to 40 degrees in which exercises can be done with resistors.
Cabin lesson: an individual or group lesson in the heat cabin.
Ozone: ozone oxygen baths, the ozone oxygen cabin nourishes the skin with oxygen and ozone.
Website: The bbb health boutique website,
Gym lessons: a group lesson in the Gym, such as Yoga, Pilates, TRX, meditation sessions or HIIT.

2. General
✦ Each bbb member is obliged to read the General Terms and Conditions of bbb. These general terms and conditions are part of any agreement between bbb and a bbb member and inextricably linked to it. Deviation in business contracts are possible.
✦ bbb can change the terms and conditions. Members are informed through the newsletter. Small changes can always be made. Major substantive changes will be discussed in advance with the members.
✦ The rights under the membership are strictly personal.
✦ bbb reserves the right to limit the total number of members, as well as its opening times, the hours of Gym and Cabin lessons, and the number of classes and rates.
✦ bbb reserves the right to refuse members in the event of abuse of the membership system or the facilities of bbb.
✦ The personal data of members is strictly confidential and used only for the administrative purposes of bbb.
This data is never made available to third parties for commercial purposes.
✦ The minimum age to be a bbb member is 15 years old. For the age group from 15 to 18 years a parent must have co-signed the registration form.

3. Duties and responsibilities of bbb
✦ Providing lessons during the agreed period.
✦ Maintaining the expertise of its employees.

4. Own risk and liability
 The bbb member trains at their own risk.
✦ bbb is not liable for damage and/or loss of property of the bbb member or visitor, nor for any kind of physical injury occurring before, during or after using the facilities.
✦ The lockers can be used to protect your own property. This usage is at your own risk. bbb accepts no liability for items stolen from a locker.
✦ It is strictly forbidden to take a locker key home.
✦ After training, the locker should be cleaned out, and the key left in the locker. Abandoned clothing or other belongings are kept for one month and then donated to charity.
✦ Every athlete or visitor is responsible for damage they cause to the property of bbb.
✦ Any observed damage is considered to be caused by the person who has used the item last, if and insofar the contrary is not proved by the person(s).

5. Membership and payment
✦ If a direct debit has been issued, the monthly payments will be automatically collected on the first of every month. At the start of a membership, the fees of the remaining part of the first period, plus the fees of the following month are collected at once.
✦ 10 session and cards are paid in advance by means of a one-time direct debit payment.
✦ The bbb member must ensure the correct payment of fees and other amounts.
✦ In the event of late receipt of amounts due by bbb health boutique for any reason whatsoever (eg reversal or insufficient balance), bbb health boutique sends a reminder by post. If no payment is made after this reminder, bbb will send the second and final payment reminder after one month. bbb health boutique charges 20 euro administration costs for the second reminder.
✦ If the member, even after being declared in default, still fails to comply with the payment obligation, the member is in omission. All associated costs are recovered from the member in accordance with the applicable legislation. bbb health boutique is from that moment entitled to hand over the entire claim for collection. In that case, the member is obliged to pay the full due and payable claim, including all amounts owed, as well as all future installments owed for the duration of the agreement, including all costs and interest on the collection.
✦ Absence of the bbb member, for whatever reason, does not relieve the member from his/her obligation to pay the registration fee and the membership fees and does not result in a right to any reduction of the registration fee or membership fees.
✦ bbb has the right to index the fees annually in January.
✦ Actions or special offers can never be legally binding in advance or in retrospect.
✦ The registration fee shall be re-paid upon re-registration, if applicable.
✦ bbb offers student and company discounts. These discounts are available on presentation of valid proof, from the moment of request and never retrospectively.
✦ For fulltime students a discount of 25 percent is offered on presentation of proof of registration.
✦ bbb offers a standard 15 percent company discount to employees of companies working together with bbb. The conditions are determined per company and can be obtained by sending an email to
✦ Stewardessen from KLM receive 15 percent company discount on presentation of their KLM pass.

6. Duration and cancellation
✦ bbb offers contracts for the duration of 3, 6, 12 and 24 months. Unless terminated in the meantime, the member is bound by the agreement for the duration agreed between the member and bbb. The agreed term of the agreement is stated on the registration form. The monthly rate depends on the contract duration. With a subscription with a term of 24 months, the discount compared to the subscription of 12 months is 240 euros on an annual basis.
✦ If the agreed term of the agreement has been reached, the subscription will be extended indefinitely, unless canceled.
✦ If the agreed term of the agreement has been reached, the member can terminate the agreement with due observance of a notice period of one month.
✦ If the member wishes to terminate the agreement, she must do so by e-mail to (bbb health boutique Amsterdam en Utrecht), (bbb health boutique Delft), (bbb health boutique Rotterdam), (bbb health boutique Haarlem) (bbb health boutique Den Haag), (bbb health boutique Tilburg) en (bbb health boutique Den Bosch).
✦ In case of relocation, the membership may be terminated before the expiration of the minimum duration, upon presentation of proof. This is only possible if none of the studios are within a 20 km radius of the new address.
✦ For every 6 months, a membership can be frozen for 1 full month. This should always be a full month. The bbb facilities cannot be used during this month. The collection of fees shall continue during the minimum duration. At the end of the duration, there shall be a catch-up period, corresponding to the number of unused months. 
✦ In special circumstances such as injury or pregnancy, it is possible to temporary pause the membership upon presentation of a medical statement. The collection of fees shall not continue in this period.
✦ A subscription can be terminated on the basis of a medical statement.
✦ The 10 session membership is valid for 2 months and is not automatically extended.

7. Transfer
✦ The bbb membership may be transferred to third parties once, provided that all payments have been met and an earlier transfer has not taken place.
✦ The recipient of a transferred membership is not entitled to a money back guarantee or other actions relating to the membership.
✦ When transferring a membership, the new member starts on the day following the last day of the old member. The new member also accepts the new minimum duration

8. Clothes, shoes and towel
✦ Wearing sportswear and socks is required.
✦ The footwear must have a non-marking rubber sole. Street footwear or sports shoes that have been worn outside are prohibited.
✦ The use of a towel is required at each activity.

9. Drinks, food and smoking
The bbb locations are smoke-free establishments.
✦ The consumption of personal foods/drinks are prohibited at bbb, with the exception of bottles with water.

10. Holidays and facility renovations
bbb reserves the right to close for the entire day or part of the day on public holidays or days on which renovations take place.

11. Children and pets
Children under 12 are not permitted at bbb, with the exception of children accompanied by their parents. Any injury suffered by or property damage caused by children, resulting from (unauthorized) access to the studio is at their own risk.
✦ Pets are not allowed at bbb.

12. Hot Cabins
✦ The use of a Hot Cabin requires an appointment.
✦ The Hot Cabin may not be used for more than 30 consecutive minutes during busy hours, unless a cabin has been booked for a longer period of time. The Cabin may then be used for a maximum of 60 consecutive minutes. Our staff can inform a bbb member about this.
✦ The bbb member must leave the Cabin in a clean and dry state.

13. Cardio
 Cardio equipment should not be used for more than 10 consecutive minutes during peak times (when all devices of one kind are occupied). Our staff can inform a bbb member about this.
✦ During certain lessons, cardio equipment cannot be used. This is specified at the cardio equipment.
The bbb member must leave all equipment in a clean and dry state.

14. Membership & Lessons
By every membership or card it is clearly explained how often use can be made of cabin classes and group/gym classes.
✦ By a 10 session membership a total of 10 classes (cabin or group/gym classes) may be followed. A 10 session membership is valid for 2 months. Classes that are not followed in the 2 month period are automatically cancelled.

15. Appointments, cancelling and moving
You need an appointment to train at bbb. Scheduling, cancelling and moving can be done online on the website, by telephone, or in the studio.
✦ A class expires if it is cancelled less than 4 hours before its start.
✦ bbb wants to be available to everyone. If two (or more) late cancellations occur within two weeks, bbb can prevent a member from making appointments online for a period of two weeks, and remove all appointments from the schedule. The so-called 2-2-2 rule can also be applied if a member unnecessarily occupies a class in a different manner. In this case, appointments can still be made by phone or in the studio.
✦ If you sign up as a reserve, you will receive an email when a reserve space becomes available. You can then definitively reserve this place in the web app.

16. Pregnancy
bbb is suitable for anyone who feels physically capable to perform the exercises of bbb. bbb has special exercise and nutrition programs for pregnant women. We recommend you contact your doctor and/or obstetrician/gynecologist in advance to see if they have any objections.
✦ The heat in the Cabin will be adjusted to 30 degrees if you are pregnant, and we advise pregnant women to train without a cape. The temperature in the Cabin must remain below 40 degrees.
✦ Ozone is a surface skin treatment that should cause no damage to women who are pregnant and/or breastfeeding. Nevertheless, we recommend that women who are pregnant or breastfeeding refrain from using the Ozone, as there has never been thorough research into pregnancy/breast feeding and ozone oxygen baths.
✦ For a pregnancy, it is possible to temporary pause the membership upon presentation of a medical statement. The collection of fees shall not continue in this period.

17. Coupons
bbb uses different vouchers to introduce the concept to women. A bbb voucher always states the value.
✦ A person may only use one voucher per year. Vouchers cannot be combined. A voucher cannot be used in combination with any other action of bbb.