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body, food & mind tools

Book your trial class here!

During a trial class you can experience our professional and friendly approach and how it feels to exercise in warmth.

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Amsterdam Amstel
13-09-2016 / 11:00

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bbb workouts

The workouts at bbb are peronalized and with coaching. Unique to bbb is that you exercise in a hot cabin. As well as groups lessons in the hot cabin, we also offer various forms of yoga, Pilates and small group training in our studio as well as outdoor workouts such as bootcamp. 

Hot cabin workout

Exercising in the hot cabin at bbb is short and intensive: 30 minutes. Our coaches ensure that you get the most out of yourself in that half hour. Due to the warmth and personal coaching, exercising at bbb is very safe for your body with virtually little or no risk of injuries. You can decide how warm you would like your cabin to be. The cabin can be heated to a maximum of 40 degrees. 

Why is working out in a hot cabin good for you?

  • A warm-up is redundant. In 30 minutes you'll be ready.
  • It has a cleansing effect. You perspire rapidly by the heat. 
  • Little to no risk of injuries, because you exercise lying down and there is supervision. 
  • The warmth stimulates fat burning. Your body has to work harder in the heat, so you have faster results.
  • The warmth and motion improve blood circulation.
  • Certainly not unimportant: we know from experience that many women find exercising whilst lying down in warmth enjoyable.

By bbb you can choose to train individually in the cabine. This means that you follow your own programme in the cabin for a certain periode of time. If you are more familiar with our exercises then we would advise you to combine your individual trainings with groups lessons in the hot cabin. During a groups lesson, the bbb coach tells you which exercises to perform and you are supported with music. bbb30 is the favourite class under our members as we focus on legs, buttocks and stomach. We also offer hot HIIT, hot yoga, hot pilates and Balance lessons. 

You can find our boutiques in Amsterdam (Jordaan & Amstel), Delft, The Hague, Haarlem, Tilburg, Utrecht, Rotterdam & Den Bosch. Here you can find more information about our boutique and schedule your free hot cabin trial!


Regular practice of yoga is strenuous and relaxing. In our boutiques, we offer various forms of yoga, suitable for beginners and advanced. We have different styles of yoga at bbb, like yin yoga, vinyasa and hatha yoga.


bbb offers hot pilates in the hot cabin. Pilates is a movement method in which the focus lies in controlled exercises. It"s main focus is on strengthening the core and increasing it's flexibility. Your core encompasses the stomach muscles, lower back muscles, pelvic floor muscles, buttock muscles and the muscles around the hips. Pyhsical complaints are prevented and can even disappear altogether through this concentrated and calm manner of training. With pilates the body & mind work together to create a mental balance. Pilates is suitable for people who are fit but also for those with physical complaints or limitations. 

Small group training

These trainer led workouts will challenge you to push your limits. At bbb we offer small group training in the hot cabin and in the fitness area. With a team environment to motivate you through that last rep, your results are waiting for you. In our small group trainings you experience both the advantages from a personal trainer as from working out in a group. Check the schedule of your boutique. 

Personal small group training

Next to our classes we also offer personal workouts to work on your own goals. The personal workout in the hot cabin is an individual training led by a coach. Groups are up to nine people. We will measure your every four till six weeks and adjust your workout according to your goals. Our trainers will keep you challenged and engaged with expert attention during your healthy yourney.