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yoga classes

Regular practice of yoga is strenuous and relaxing. In our boutiques, we offer various forms of yoga, suitable for beginners and advanced. We have different styles of yoga at bbb. 

Basic hatha yoga

In this basic hatha class you learn the basic positions of Hatha yoga! The lessons are comprised of pleasurable, slow sets of exercises that improve your health and prosperity. The gentle positions focus on bringing the body and mind into balance. Tension and relaxation alternate each other and you learn how the breath supports and deepens every movement.

Dynamic hatha yoga

In dynamic hatha yoga the positions are linked together in a dynamic way. By keeping the focus on the changes and positions, the awareness is hightened. It has a meditative and peaceful effect on the body and mind. This dynamic class allows your body to become stronger and more supple.

Easy flow yoga

These easy flow yoga classes are made up of pleasurable, slow sets of exercises that benefit the health and well-being. The gentle body positions focus on bringing the body and mind into balance. Tension and relaxation alternate each other and you learn how every breath supports and strengthens every movement. These classes are for all levels including pregant women!

Hot cabin yoga

This yoga class is a combination of fluent and static positions in the hot cabin. The exercises build up carefully and are performed with control. It is a peaceful class for all levels with a standard sequence. Performing the exercises in the hot cabin, increases your flexibility and the suppleness of your muscles and joints. Above all it stimulates the ciculation and fat burning process!

Kundalini yoga

Kundalini yoga is a dynamic form of yoga using the basic asana's from the hatha yoga. Kundalini yoga is about broadening your awareness, stepping out of your comfort zone and receiving more life energy. Dynamic exercises with pranayama, mantra's and/or mudra's are all offered and every class is different, new and a personal challenge.

Pregnancy yoga

Pregnancy yoga helps you to remain healthy during pregnancy. It prepares the body and mind for the birth, brings you in contact with your body and yourself and helps remove any stress or tension. It also helps keep the body strong, healthy and flexible and allows you to feel good about yourself. Healthy for you and the baby!

Restorative hatha yoga

Restorative yoga is a gentle form of yoga suitable for everyone. Even if you want to move but have physical limitations. Restorative yoga does not focus on the result. You work and practice within your own possibilities. Exercises are built up calmly and practiced in a slow and concentrated manner. You determine how far you can go in an exercise. Through this manner of working you learn to have respect for the possibilities and limitations your body offers.

Vinyasa yoga 

Vinyasa is a dynamic form of yoga in which different positions are alternated using the rhythm of one's breath. The continuous focus on the breath and movement helps to keep you focused on the 'now'. It brings not only your mind to rest dut increases your strength, stamina, flexibility and lowers your stress level. A nice compliment to your workouts leading you towards a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Yin yoga

Yin yoga is a calm and meditative form of yoga in which you remain in a position for 3 to 5 minutes. The positions you take are mainly directed towards the strengthening and loosening of the connective tissues and joints. Yin Yoga ensures more flexibility and mobility in the joints and a better flow of the energy through the body. The positions have a very calm and meditative effect on the body and mind.

Yin yang yoga

This wonderful combination class combines yin and yang positions. The yin part focuses mainly on the strengthening and loosening of the connective tissues and joints. The yang part focues mainly on repeating movements in combination with one's breath. In this class you work on both relaxation as well as strengthening and suppleness.