Ladies only gym

bbb health boutique is a ladies only gym with a focus on body, food & mind. bbb has a holistic and personal approach. You will receive personal advice and coaching that fits your lifestyle. The beautiful health boutiques have been developed from the perspective of a woman, so that you feel completely at ease as soon as you step inside. bbb is there for every woman and the ladies gym can only be found throughout the Netherlands.

For every woman

bbb is for every woman, for every stage of life and for every age. You are welcome to come and have a look. You can schedule a trial lesson online for free here. bbb has boutiques for a ladies only gym in Amsterdam (Jordaan & Amstel), Delft, The Hague, Haarlem, Tilburg, Utrecht, Den Bosch and Rotterdam!

Amsterdam | Delft | Den Bosch | Den Haag | Haarlem | Rotterdam | Tilburg | Utrecht Gym only for ladies bbb health boutique is a gym for women with a focus on body, food & mind.

The three focus points of bbb: body, food & mind

Body, food and mind are inextricably linked. Regular exercise and healthy eating ensure a clear mind and more happiness. The positive attitude to life that you undergo automatically ensures a more active existence and more desire to exercise and move. We zoom in below on our three focus points.


Exercising at bbb in the hot cabin (40 degrees) is short and intensive. Opt for a personalized workout from a hot cabin class. The bbb30 (30 minutes belly, butt & training to fun hits) is the most popular class. And there’s more: balance (bbb30 with stretch & meditation), hot HIIT, hot yoga, hot pilates and hot power are other finer classes in the hot cabin. Each boutique has a beautiful room where yoga, Pilates and HIIT classes are given.


A healthy life starts with a healthy mindset. That is why we at bbb health boutique pay attention to your mind. By completing a foundation questionnaire, we gain insight into your lifestyle, tribe and behavior. Together with your coach, you agree on where you want to start to lead a healthier and happier life. We provide tools to sleep better, break through patterns and boost your self-image.


At bbb we don’t believe in one truth. Every woman is different and needs something different in terms of nutrition. That is why we have many different food tools. For example, intermittent fasting, detox, low carb, and sugar-free programs. We also have food tools for menopause and pregnancy. Discover what works for you, fill in a food diary and boost your energy and health with nutrition.

The three focus points of bbb: body, food & mind Body, food and mind are inextricably linked. Regular exercise and healthy eating ensure a clear mind and more happiness.

Why a ladies only gym?

Every woman is different and has her own wishes. We have specialized in that at the ladies only gym. We have developed a different program for every goal and every phase.
Shape: you would like to become sustainably healthy and fit in a holistic way. We ensure that you feel healthy and fit, every season.

Slim: you want to stay healthy and lose weight in a sustainable way. At bbb, we coach you on body, food & mind.

Mama to be:
 you are pregnant and would like to stay healthy and fit during this period. At bbb, a specialized women’s gym, we guide expectant moms and you can keep moving until the end of your pregnancy.

Mama: You’re like a mom and want to stay fit and healthy. At bbb we offer great post-pregnancy training and holistic coaching.

Menopause: You are in the transition from preparing for this phase. At bbb we have developed special workouts, food & coaching tools for this.
Recover: you have injuries and/or health problems. You would like to continue exercising in a targeted manner or to strengthen yourself. You are happy to support and coaches at bbb.

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