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Hoe vaak sporten voor een strak lichaam

After giving birth I am really a lot less tight than before. That's why I asked myself: How often do you exercise for a toned body? During the last challenge of bbb I discovered what is the ideal sport amount for me to get tighter.

But when the last week it turned out that in those weeks to do the challenge really well I should have exercised at least 4 times a week... I had some catching up to do. So I started exercising every day for a week. If I wasn't going to the gym, I was doing at least 20 minutes of yoga a day.

Tight body after bbb challenge

My experience was that I really started working out a lot harder because I wanted to fill my stamp card. It really motivates me to go that extra mile. And what turns out is that after that you don't want anything else. You get a kind of rhythm in sports. In any case, it will be higher on your list.

On my mommy days I start the day with yoga and then eat and get dressed. When my boyfriend is abroad, I set the alarm to get everything ready so I can be at the gym by 8am. Starting these kinds of routines ensures that you keep it up.

Motivation for a toned body

The challenge has provided a good motivation to have a toned body. Also the fact that age is starting to demand that we spend a little more time on it. Now that I'm approaching 40, it's definitely important to keep my muscles tight.

So I would definitely recommend doing a challenge at bbb. I had been a member for some time and never participated. But this really helped me to be motivated to work a little more on a toned body.

toned body

5 tips so that you also get a toned body

My tips for you to get a toned body:

  • Find your ideal sports routine and how much you should exercise to get a toned body.
  • Join a sports challenge for motivation.
  • Find a way to responsibly eat less sugar but don't deprive yourself of it. Take, for example, cake without sugar instead of a chocolate cake.
  • Move enough during the day (go by bike or public transport instead of the car)
  • Buy a house with stairs ;)

Marjet is founder of Minimalist Marketing, an online marketing consultancy specialized in SEO. 

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