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body, food & mind tools

  • alcohol

    how alcohol affects your body

  • at home 20 minute workout

    training with coach Melissa

  • at home 7 minute workout

    get fit in seven minutes

  • at home barre

  • at home bbb workouts

    our bbb workouts in a row! bbb30, balance & bbb power


  • at home bootcamp

    create your own boot camp

  • at home full body & HIIT

    full body and HIIT workouts

  • at home meditations

    our favorite meditations at a glance

  • at home mommy workouts

    workouts for mommy's (to be) & kids

  • at home pilates

    Improve your posture with pilates

  • at home yoga & stretch

    Relax and stretch your body with these lovely yoga sessions

  • back in balance

    regaining hormonal equilibrium

  • balance days

    take a step back

  • basic nutrition

    back to the basics

  • bbb mama (to be)

    staying healthy and fit during your pregnancy

  • bbb online

    online coaching and workouts


  • beautyfood

    healthy complexion and glowing skin

  • beautyfoods, superfoods & supplements

    vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, vitamins and minerals

  • biorhythm

    living according to your biological clock

  • bodycoaching

    extra guidance during your sportplan

  • bodyshape

    get into shape!

  • books & documentaries

    read, learn, enjoy!

  • boost

    which boost do you need?

  • bowels in balance

    for calm bowels

  • clean & green: summer menu

    reduce your CO2 emissions by eating plant based and seasonal

  • detox

    conscious about food

  • digi-detox

    hllow your brain some rest

  • don't eat to much

    a tool to lose weight

  • emotional eating

    practice makes perfect

  • foodcoaching

    spoil yourself with a foodcoaching

  • foundation

    fill out our questionnaire & find your foundation

  • fysiocheck

    for extra guidance with your personal program

  • group coaching

    inspiring & connecting

  • habitual behaviour

    learning to change your habitual behaviour

  • immune system

    what is, actually, the immune system.

  • increase your metabolism

    burn energy faster

  • inspiration list

    get inspired!

  • intermittent fasting

    Intermittent fasting

  • juice detox

    Detox your body!

  • lifestylecoaching

    spoil yourself with a lifestylecoaching

  • low carb

    less carbohydrates

  • meditation

    what meditation is actually good for

  • menopause

    a natural stage in every woman's life

  • mindful living

    do what you do with full attention

  • mini meditations

    completely reset your mindset

  • ozone

    taking a bath in the ozone is a lovely treatment

  • plant-based diet

    conscious and plant-based nutrition pattern

  • preference list

    choose for healthy!

  • pregnancy and nutrition

    take good care of yourself

  • rebuild - after covid

    recover after covid

  • rheuma

    Learning to live and move with rheuma

  • self-image

    be happy with yourself

  • sleep well

    if you have trouble sleeping

  • small steps, big result

    a long lasting change

  • start & motivation

    5 days detox


  • strong and nutrititious

    return to your strength


  • sugarless

    1 month sugarless


  • vitamins & minerals

    for your healthy jouney

  • yoga nidra

    sleep yoga

  • yoga/pilates-detox

    in balance

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privacy policy bbb health boutique

This page was last updated on the 09-04-2019.

If you are a member of bbb health boutique, would like to become a member or visit our website, we require some personal details from you. On this page we will explain which details we require, why we need them and what we further do with your details.  

What details do we require?

When you book a trial class with us, hand in a voucher (gift card), sign up for a membership or purchase a 10 session card, we ask you to share some personal details with us. These details are required to enable us to carry out our services.

If you become a member of bbb health boutique we require your name, address, city, birthdate, bank account details, telephone number and your email address.

If you are a member of bbb, we continue to process your personal details. For example, every time you visit our studio, whenever you have a coaching or when we have made contact with you via email or telephone. We keep these details in your personal file.

These details are saved on protected servers. We save these details, in any case, for the period you are a member with us and at the end of your membership for a maximum of seven years. Our member administration can be identified as basic data which is required by the tax office to be kept for seven years.

If you have only shown interest, we save your details for no longer than a year.

Our bbb health boutique App

Members that use our service to plan their appointments and use our tools will provide us with information. For example information regarding downloads and planning behavior and any information regarding in-app events. The bbb app obtains this information as a result of data being sent to our servers from our mobile application. The data collected by bbb health boutique includes information such Google Advertiser ID, device model, OS version, in-app events, network status (WiFi/3G) en installed app information. Members data collected by the bbb app is used te optimalize the application. 

Why do we process your details?

Your details are used to enable us to register and manage your membership by bbb health boutique. bbb health boutique uses your details with a goal to coach you towards the most 'beautiful and healthy version' of yourself. 

bbb health boutique can not offer her services without processing your personal details. We are then unable to coach you, for example, in the areas of body, food & mind. We would also be unable to coach you in the case that you have not been for awhile. Or if you ask a question, we would be unable to answer it well. And without you details, the information on our website ( such as 'my bbb') would not be available to you.

We can also further use your personal details to conduct surveys or work out analyses with the goal to improve our website and services. There is, for example, an analyses concerning the age or postcode of our members. We also conduct a survey once every two years in which we ask your permission to take part in.

bbb health boutique can also process your details in the interests of our marketing and sales activities (even after your membership has ended) for the interests of our services or those of bbb paramedics (bbb physical therapy, bbb diëtetics en bbb psychology). 

We gather and use no information for purposes other than the purposes described here in this privacy policy unless we have gained your permission beforehand.

How do we handle your details?

We ensure that we have appropriate security for your details. For example, not all employees are able to access your personal details. Above all, we only use your details in the manner explained in this privacy policy.

When you send us an email or other message, it is possible that we save these messages. Sometimes we may ask you for personal details required for a particular situation. This allows us to manage your questions and answer requests. How long we keep these details depends on the relevance of the situation.  

Your email address is also used to send newsletters with information regarding body, food & mind, our products and services, activities (such as our challenges) and customer satisfaction researches. Under every newsletter you can find the possibility to stop receiving them. 

Important to know: we do not give or sell personal details from our members to third parties so that they can be used, for example, for marketing activities

bbb health boutique works further together with partners, for example, for the collecting of monies for memberships, 10 session cards or other products. It may be then necessary in such a case to share personal details with the persons offering these services. Our partners are required to take care with your details. They may not use your details for any other purposes than those required by them for their service. 

Would you like to see your details or change them?

Alle bbb members and visitors of bbb health boutique and from the website have the possibility to view, change or delete all personal details that have been given to us at any time.


This privacy statement is tailored and adapted to the use of and possibilities of this website. Possible adjustments and/or changes of this website can lead to changes in this privacy statement. It is therefore advised to regularly check this privacy statement .


In this privacy statement we must advise you of your right to complain to the supervisory authority (de Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens) and the right to view all personal information that has been given to us at any one time.


We use cookies and similar technologies to understand how our services are used, for bugs and errors, to improve our services, for the planning tool, as well as for marketing and advertising purposes. More information about the use of cookies by bbb health boutique can be found here.


bbb health boutique takes the protection of your personal details seriously and takes appropriate action to avoid misuse of and/or loss of these details.

If you would like to change your details, remove them from our records or have any other questions/comments, you can contact us via info@bbbhealthboutique.nl or call 088-6440000.