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During a trial class you can experience our professional and friendly approach and how it feels to exercise in warmth.

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Small group training exercises

With small group training you will experience both the benefits of a personal trainer and the inspiration and motivation of working out in a group. There is a lot of attention for you and for the exercises you perform. By inspiring and motivating each other, you bring out the best in each other.

Advantages small group training

The advantages of small group training is that a coach can closely monitor the execution of the exercises. Below you will find important points that a trainer can pay attention to with small group training exercises:

  • Tightening the abdominal muscles / navel in
    Always move from your core or your core. These are the postural muscles/deep muscles, consisting of the pelvic floor muscles, lumbar multifidus (part of various back muscles), transversus abdominis (this is the deepest abdominal muscle, also abbreviated as TA) and the diaphragm muscle. The pelvic floor muscles and the TA work together, if you consciously tense one, the other also tenses.
  • Shoulder belt/Chest area
    Imbalance in the muscles of the shoulder girdle can cause poor movement throughout the trunk. Sphere at the top becomes concave at the bottom. The head must always remain upright, so compensation will occur.
  • Breathing
    With large movements (stretches, large rotations), exhale on exertion and inhale on relaxation.
  • Stability
    Stability is achieved by keeping the trunk, shoulders, shoulder blades, pelvis/hips as still as possible (stabilizing) during the execution of the movements. The exercises are therefore more effective.

small group training exercises

Personal workout

In addition to following classes, you can work on your personal goals at bbb health boutique with a workout tailored to you! We call this a personal bbb workout and it is performed in a hot cabin. Curious about the benefits of exercising in heat? Read more here. 

The personal workout in the hot cabin is a personal training that you perform under the supervision of a coach in a small group. During this small group training you practice at your own level and you work on your own goals. 

small group training oefeningen

Discuss your motivation and goals for doing small group training with a coach

We have great programs to get fit again and great coaches to spar with. You can read more information about our programs on the website. Or make an appointment on our website for a free trial lesson.

small group training exercises