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body, food & mind tools

Book your trial class here!

During a trial class you can experience our professional and friendly approach and how it feels to exercise in warmth.

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Amsterdam Amstel
13-09-2016 / 11:00

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train at your own pace for a fit (ter) 2021!

Would you like to train, but find it difficult to find the time for this? Then bbb at home is perfect for you! We coach you to stay fit and healthy at home. We have great workouts, lifestyle and nutrition programs, suitable for every age and level. 

You can register here to try bbb online for a month for only €49.
Good to know: after a month your online membership stops automatically. 

Body: together we will look at which home workouts suit you and can watch (with video calling) whether the exercises are performed properly. Our workouts last from 30 minutes to an hour, you can do them easily & completely from your own living room, they are specially made for women and are taught by our friendly female coaches. Curious? Follow one of our workouts with bbb coach Miranda below! (Good to know: most of our workouts are in Dutch, but if you ask the coach in advance she will switch to English!)

Mind: we motivate you if you are in a dip or spar about how you can plan your best training moments, despite your busy life or a motivation dip. For example, we offer tools to sleep well or to live with more attention and self-love.

Food: we offer you fine and practical nutritional tools. In this way you get tools how you can nourish your body as well as possible instead of filling it. But also, whatever suits your body and life best!

With our specialized coaches you can discuss the most diverse topics. From hormones that feel out of balance to the point that it all becomes just too much. That is the strength of us at bbb: we are always open to spar, to cheer up, to have a good cheer, or for a daily chat. 

Photo credits: Anne Paternotte van Qoia.


How is it going in practice?

  • Step 1: you register with us. You complete the Foundation questionnaire online. This gives us a personality sketch, the Foundation, from you and what you need.

  • Step 2: We then plan a first coaching conversation together. We do this through video or telephone conversation. During this meeting, we will discuss the questionnaire you completed (the Foundation), your goals and other background information. Think of any injuries, pregnancy wish or (beginning) menopause.

    Based on the Foundation and your experience in the sport, we discuss an appropriate workout plan. This consists of both a personal program and online lessons that you can follow. Your personal program is put in the online app with sample videos. This allows you to check whether you are doing the exercises properly.

  • Step 3: Together we plan, depending on your needs, a lifestyle coaching, food coaching and body coaching in the first 2 weeks to get you on the right track. In the meantime, you will get started with your personal program. You will also investigate how the app works, put the online lessons together and learn to plan yourself for coaching and lessons. Again, all of this can be discussed during the coaching sessions.

    After 2-4 weeks you are well on your way! If it happens that it has not been possible to arrive for 2 weeks, we will call you to check how you are doing. That's how we keep you there. Of course it is up to you to schedule and participate in the online lessons - so LET's GO!

Sign up for bbb at home

Sign up today and stay fit & healthy with bbb at home. For only 49 euros per month you get access to our online workouts and we coach you in the field of body, food & mind.

You can register here to try bbb online for a month.
Good to know: after a month your online membership stops automatically. 

Unfortunately, our boutiques are closed due to the lockdown. That is why we currently only have online subscriptions for new members. If we are allowed to open again, you can register again for our other subscriptions and take a trial lesson. 


Photo credits: Anne Paternotte from Qoia.