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During a trial class you can experience our professional and friendly approach and how it feels to exercise in warmth.

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With our holistic method you stay fit, beautiful & healthy every season!

Are you a woman who likes to go through life healthy, fit & beautiful? Would you like to learn more about holistic health? Then get to know our method. Where, in addition to workouts, you are coached in the field of body, food & mind. Together with our coaches, you work towards the most beautiful version of yourself and you stay fit and healthy every season.

With bbb I stay in shape

'I've tried another sport before: a personal trainer, Pilates, yoga. But each time I still gained a few kilos. Now I've been at the same weight for a long time and I'm comfortable in my own skin.'

Toprak Yalçıner (1987) is an actress and starred in Good times, bad times. She plays in the comedy Kapsalon in the theater and in the film Rokjesdag by Johan Nijenhuis.

A nice place for you as a woman
bbb is a holistic gym. That means that we coach you as a woman in the field of body, food and mind. In addition to the workouts in the hot cabin or hall, we offer food and lifestyle coaching.
Every woman starts at bbb health boutique by discussing goals and filling out a questionnaire. This is where your unique holistic advice is determined, or your foundation. Every season you can participate in inspiring challenges to stay motivated and challenged. Through our method we can guide you to the most conscious and healthy version of yourself.

30 minute workouts at bbb
With us you can choose to exercise individually in the hot cabin. This means that you follow a tailor-made program in the hot cabin. In addition to an individual sports plan, we also look at your diet and lifestyle. In this way we work very holistically on your healthy journey.

We also offer daily group lessons in the hot cabin. During a group lesson, a bbb coach gives the exercises to the accompaniment of music. The bbb30 is our members' favorite class, here we focus on legs, butt and stomach. We also have a hot HIIT, hot yoga, hot pilates and balance.

Get to know our working method by scheduling a hot cabin trial lesson at a boutique near you!

'I never thought I would enjoy going to the gym, but at bbb health boutique there is such a nice atmosphere that I feel at home! You will also receive good personal guidance with a program that is tailor-made for your body. The ladies think along with you and keep a close eye on you. Working out in the hot cabin is a godsend and to feel completely zen. Especially if you take a yoga lesson afterwards or have a conversation with a coach about how you are doing.' - Laura