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body, food & mind tools

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During a trial class you can experience our professional and friendly approach and how it feels to exercise in warmth.

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Spring has almost arrived and it is time to grow and bloom! Do you want more energy, a better condition, feel strong and fit or lose weight this spring? With this clean challenge you detox your body & mind and you will find your natural balance again.

The lockdown makes us all more tired, we feel more depressed and weaker than usual. This challenge you design your clean routine, appropriate to your daily rhythm and goals. You reset your body through unprocessed and light seasonal food. If you want to go the extra mile, you can combine the detox with a 3, 5 or 7 day juice cure. So, do you need to say goodbye to tiredness, ailments and pounds? Then join the clean challenge and get spring fit!

The clean challenge starts on April 5 and ends on May 2, 2021.

Sign up here
Log in to my bbb and register here for the challenge. After registration you will receive our confirmation email and you can download the e-guide. Is there no registration link here? Then you are not logged in or you are already registered.


clean body

During your detox it is important to keep moving. Try to exercise every other day and vary! Choose the right workouts:

  • Alternate workouts and make sure that you have done at least one workout every week focused on strength, at least one workout with fitness as a focus and at least one workout for your flexibility. Either make sure you have a good mix! Try different workouts this week to find the right mix.
  • Work on your personal goals and choose your own personal bbb workout. Schedule a body coaching session to review your workout with a coach. You can find your personal workout in the app under "my programs".


clean food

In this 4 week period you will only consume food that is meant to feed, strengthen and clean the body.  Because it is sometimes difficult to resist temptation, it is important to plan your detox well. Your commitment is your most important support!

You will design your own daily cleanse routine, with nutrition, workouts and relaxation moments. We will coach you in groupcoaching (for full members) and in the webinars. It is important to start, about a week before you detox, with slowly cutting down on sugar, meat, wheat, gluten, alcohol, caffeine, salt and light products. Look at the shopping list and menu in the e-guide. 

Do you want to boost your internal spring cleaning extra? Then participate in a juice treatment in the second week. We advise you to participate in a juice detox only after the first week. In the first week you are just starting to taper and cleanse your body. This prepares your body to start with a juice detox in the second week.


clean mind

Clean your mind this challenge by building in more rest, digi-detoxing and meditating. Consider what gives you peace and satisfaction and build this into your daily clean routine. Maybe you want to work in the garden every week or take a short walk every day? Do you want to meditate? See what's achievable in your life. You may end the day with a yoga nidra in bed or build short 3 minute meditations during the day. Do you want to look less on a screen? Set your goals and take small steps towards more peace and space. This challenge you design your own daily routine and you work on sustainable change. Here you will find some of our favorite meditations.